Mr. Smee Disneybound



Clearly my love for princessing around is pretty public, but not many people know I also got close with a certain pirate when I worked at the happiest place on earth.

Mr. Smee (Captain Hook’s sidekick from Peter Pan) is pretty close to my heart, so I just couldn’t resist Disneybounding this bumbling pirate!

mr-smee-outfitOutfit Deets: Teal Striped Dress | Red Beanie | Kate Spade WristletTan Wedges

Unique Vintage has the cutest range of Disney-inspired pieces available now, including this Smee-perfect teal striped dress. I also fell in love with this super-cute Kate Spade wristlet. (It says “see you later, alligator” on the other side!)

Kate Spade Swamped Wristlet

This one was so fun to put together! Goes to show that you don’t need to channel a princess to get your Disneybound on. 😉

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