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Minnie Mouse Outfit Disneybound Dapper Day

Ok, so it’s not a secret I used to work at Disney World because I basically talk about it all the time. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life and it really inspired a lot of the work I’m doing now.

Minnie Mouse Disneybound

I got into makeup because I fell in love with the art while working backstage and learning from the Disney cosmetologists on set… and eventually fell in love with costuming and wardrobe styling, too! I dabbled in that for a few years at local theaters in Florida before ultimately going down the beauty route, but styling outfits inspired by characters is still something I absolutely adore.

Minnie Mouse StyleOutfit Deets: Black Bodysuit | Polka Dot Skirt | Crinoline | Minnie Purse | Yellow Pumps

When Disneybounding became a thing, SO MANY PEOPLE suggested I create Disney inspired looks! So, I’m finally doing it. For my first attempt at a Disneybound look, I decided to honor a classic, Minnie Mouse herself.

Minnie Style

What’s Disneybounding, you ask? The term originated from an amazing blog by the same name. Essentially, it’s using color schemes and thematic elements from different Disney characters to inspire outfits that are more wearable than your standard costume.

Minnie Mouse Rock the Dots

Now, with the rise in popularity of awesome events like Dapper Day, it’s becoming a more mainstream practice by influencers and Disney addicts alike. It’s also super fun to wear one of these outfits to the parks on any given day, no matter the occasion!

Minnie Mouse Dapper Day

I’ve found that Disneybounding is SO FUN and allows you to stretch your creative muscles and brainstorm killer details that showcase the character. If you aren’t sure where to start, I’ve had success following a pretty standard formula of: Top and bottom matching the color and/or silhouette of the character (like a blue top with puffy sleeves for Cinderella), shoes matching the character’s shoes (like the yellow pumps I wore for this Minnie look), plus an iconic detail (think: Snow White’s bow headband, a purse that looks like the character’s sidekick, etc.)

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Skirt

This Minnie look was relatively inexpensive, with the most splurge-worthy piece being this darling Kate Spade purse.

Kate Spade Minnie Mouse Purse

If you want to get that same look on a budget, Loungefly makes a similar one that’s so cute and much more affordable!

NYC Mickey Mural

I’ve linked all my Minnie pieces below so you can shop them:

And here are some other handbags that would look perf with your Minnie look:

So, what do you think? Are you into Disneybounding? Would love to see your interpretations of the characters!

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