Snow White Disneybound


Snow White Disneybound

Now we’ve discussed how to Disneybound,  I’m going to keep the series rolling with a few more outfits inspired by the Disney characters closest to my heart!

Snow White Disneybound

First up, not surprisingly, is Snow White. Decided to give the OG princess a casual summer spin since it’s finally starting to warm up in New York City!

Snow White OutfitOutfit Deets: Blue Blouse | Yellow Shorts | Apple Purse | Bow Headband | Brown Wedges

I love the use of the crisp primary colors in her classic gown, so this outfit is totally something I’d wear on regular summer day in the city… or on a trip to Disney World! The shorts are super comfy… and how cute is this apple bag?!

Snow White Apple Purse

Want to channel your inner Snow, too? I’ve linked the pieces below!

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