Harley Quinn Halloween Costume + Makeup Ideas

Harley Quinn Halloween Costume

Happy first day of October, puddin! I’ve decided to embrace my inner basic and kick off 31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN with my girl Harley Quinn! Many people have asked me if I’m sad that Halloween is canceled this year and I’m here to remind you, every day of my favorite month, that it’s not. (I still highly recommend dressing up far away from people though.)

If you’re also dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween (or even Comic Con at home) this year, I’ve got you covered. Read on for everything you need to master the Harley Quinn look!

The Outfit

I chose to do the version of Harley from the Birds of Prey movie (which also happened to be the last movie I saw in a movie theater before COVID-19, yikes). In it, she wears several key pieces that are fairly easy and affordable to replicate:

  • Top: Harley wears this killer pink velvet crop top that’s actually attached to orange underwear with a buckle on both sides. I know that sounds bizarre, but I feel like it could most definitely stay in your closet and come out for a Sunday Funday next summer.
  • Shorts: TBH, I also kind of love these striped and starred Harley Quinn shorts and will probably wear them after October. The kind I got also came with suspenders!
  • Suspenders: If you don’t get the pair above and want to get the suspenders separately, these will do the trick.
  • Jacket: I considered DIYing this jacket because I was nervous about the quality of the costume version. I have to admit that I was extremely (pleasantly) surprised when I got this Spirit Halloween jacket! It really looks like the one from the movie. It also features comfortable mesh arms instead of all of it being made with hot/uncomfortable plastic.
  • Socks: Harley’s sequin socks, prominently on display in the scene where she’s on a quest for the perfect bacon-egg-and-cheese, are the cutest. Maybe I’ll just keep wearing these too?
  • Shoes: She wears clear chunky boots like these to showcase the sequin socks.
  • Necklace: Normally, I don’t think jewelry makes or breaks a costume except in certain cases. This is one of them. The Bruce necklace is a must!

Makeup & Hair

Harley’s makeup is always iconic. In Birds of Prey, she was actually a little more “put together” in comparison to her chaotic look with smeared lipstick in Suicide Squad. Here’s what I used to get her look:

  • Foundation: Most people go for the “clown white” look, but since I’m super fair naturally, I hardly had to alter the foundation I usually use. I wear Mehron Celebre Pro Foundation in Light 3, so I applied a light layer of that (with a damp beautyblender, obvi) and stippled on a second layer of the same foundation in white, concentrating it on the high planes of my face.
  • Powder: I loooove Dermablend’s translucent powder, especially if I’m doing a makeup like this.
  • Blush: Harley doesn’t wear heavy blush, but I put on a touch of Laura Gellar’s Baked Blush-N-Brighten in Pink Buttercream.
  • Highlighter: I went heavy on the highlighter, especially on my cheekbones and brow bone, since Harley’s look is not exactly subtle. OFRA’s highlighter in Space Baby was perfect because it’s formulated with blue-shifting duochrome pigments that match the cool tone of Harley’s look.
  • Contour: The Harley Quinn makeup base is mostly all white, but I did do a light contour on myself. Margot Robbie is a chiseled goddess, so to mimic her features a little more, I swept on some Benefit Hoola underneath my cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, and along my jawline.
  • Eyeshadow: Unlike some other variations of Harley Quinn, her Birds of Prey eyeshadow is relatively basic. I did a simple smokey eye using one of my favorite palettes.
  • Mascara: Benefit mascaras are the best of the best. I used BADGal Bang! for this, but I also love Roller Lash.
  • Lashes: I skipped lashes for my look, but if you want to do a super glam version of Harley, these are my favorite false lashes.
  • Lipstick: Her red is a deep blue-toned red, so any classic like MAC’s Ruby Woo should do the trick. You can always mix up the tone of any red lipstick you have by lining with a darker color (or even blending in a bit of dark eyeshadow!
  • Hair: I sprayed my hair with old school B Wild temporary spray from Jerome Russell. If you’re not into that mess, you can also grab one of these wigs.

The Tattoos

While wearing allllll of her tattoos def makes for a killer costume, I think her face tattoos are especially essential. If you don’t want to put actual temporary tattoos on your face, you can always opt for a stamp like this one from Milk Makeup.

If you do go the temporary tattoo route, make sure your face is not super powdery if you’re putting a tattoo on over your makeup. You can finish your powder products and set it with setting spray or even a bit of water just to give the tattoo something to stick to. If your base is too powdery, you risk the tattoo sitting on top of your makeup and it will peel off pretty easily. If you don’t want to apply a bunch of fake tattoos to your legs, you can grab a pair of tattoo tights.

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