Bettie Page Halloween Costume + Makeup Ideas


Bettie Page was a powerhouse who embraced her sexuality at a time when it was especially taboo to do so. I looooove Bettie for a number of reasons and one of them is because she makes an effortlessly iconic Halloween costume.

Grab a black wig with her signature bangs, wear any sort of leopard bathing suit (or dominatrix garb you have lying around), swipe on a red lip and you’re an instant Bettie! She did countless shoots in various styles, so this is a costume that you can potentially use your own pieces for.

I ended up using a leopard bathing suit inspired by one of my favorite Bettie Page shoots, but she’s also known for wearing black latex if you want to go for a different vibe.

For her makeup, she actually wore a very simple eye look in terms of eyeshadow, but always rocked a strong brow that flicked upward at the end. For lips, I used a classic retro matte lipstick, Ruby Woo by MAC. Really, what makes a Bettie costume instantly recognizable is the hair. Her bangs were cut and styled and a very specific way, so if you’re going to invest in anything in this particular costume, my vote goes to the wig. 

Shop my Bettie Page costume ideas below:

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