Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Statement Tee + Leopard Coat + Glitter Boots


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Shirt, Leopard Coat

Ever since I went to makeup school many moons ago, people have questioned how I could possibly celebrate an industry that’s “so vain.” To me, beauty has always been a fun vehicle for self-expression… and more importantly, a tool to evoke (positive) emotion and confidence.

statement-tee-leopard-coatOutfit Deets: Statement Tee | Leopard Coat | Skinny Jeans | Glitter Boots

It’s about giving yourself the power to FEEL beautiful, not forcing yourself to visually fit into some idealistic box. Truly believing that you’re beautiful without caring if anyone agrees is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. I highly recommend it.

Leopard Coat Outfit

That’s why I love love love wearing this shirt. The message is so powerful and means to much to me. Want one for yourself? Shop the pieces below!

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