The Best 2020 Amazon Prime Day Fashion Deals


Move over Black Friday, savvy shoppers in 2020 know that the real kickoff to deal-finding and gift-buying is Prime Day. And in case you somehow missed the memo, it’s here! Kicking off today and running through tomorrow, Prime Day brings all kinds of discounts to products you need and can have in two days (or less)!

Up to 50% off Calvin Klein Underwear

Extremely true story: I exclusively wear Calvin Klein underwear, specifically this kind. My fave pair along with matching bralettes, men’s CK underwear, and more are also on sale. It’s a Prime Day miracle!

Up to 30% off Face Masks 

A literal essential for everyday life in ~the new normal~ is a face mask. It’s good to have a few on hand that you can rotate. I keep some stashed in my purse for those moments when I forget to put one on before rushing out the door. I like these black reusable cotton face masks and you can never go wrong with a paisley print like these masks.

Up to 40% off Levis

Love a classic pair of Levis and 40% off is an incredible Prime Day deal! You can grab some new jeans (like these ripped ones or these skinny jeans) or a cute trucker jacket to wear as it starts to transition to cooler weather.

Up to 35% off Under Armour

Under Armour is an awesome brand, but usually a little on the pricey side if you’re on a budget. Luckily, it’s Prime Day, so you get 35% off quality clothing items like sports bras and running shoes.

Up to 30% off Dress the Population

Ok, so you’re likely not going to a ton of formal events right now. BUT there’s never a bad time to purchase a good dress (or glittery jumpsuit)! Dress the Population makes the CUTEST stuff. Get it cheap now and you can wear it later when you’re ready.

For Prime Day favorites in other categories, keep an eye out on the blog and don’t forget to check out my curated lists of Prime Day Deals on my Amazon storefront. Happy shopping!

[Disclosure: I’m a member of the Amazon Influencer Program. I will earn commission on any purchases you make through my storefront and affiliate links used throughout this post.]

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