Hocus Pocus Costume + Makeup Ideas: Winifred Sanderson


I believe there’s no one “right” way to do makeup, but there are definitely some effective tricks to use if you’re trying to capture a specific look. This iconic witchy makeup on Winifred Sanderson might look intense, but it’s actually super easy.

One of the first rules of doing a more traditional “witch” makeup is to basically forget the techniques you usually use to make yourself look pretty. Pretty is not on the agenda for today. We’re not going to sculpt beautiful cheekbones with contouring products, but instead use those same techniques to create sunken-in eyes, a witchy nose, and (gasp!) wrinkles. In this makeup, it’s ok to leave some of your “flaws” on display, look too-powdered, or to make your nose contour crooked. Remember, even “young” Wini had a very severe witch look, unlike her sister Sarah who basically rocked what many of us would wear on a night out.

The Makeup

The good news is: Wini’s base makeup is super easy because it’s imperfect. Her character is clearly wearing foundation and powder in the movie, but some ruddiness still shows through. She’s over 300 years old, so it’s ok if you look a little chalky. One of the major elements of her makeup is how circular everything is, especially her blush. Use a bright pink powder blush or even a red cream product like this one in a circular motion to capture her rosy cheeks.

Similar to her rounded blush, the shape of her eyeshadow is very exaggerated and like a dark rounded dome concentrated over her eyelid. I used a blend of dark gray and purple-toned shadows from MAC’s Art Library Palette to get this effect. Also, I was also like today years old when I realized that Winifred Sanderson has no eyebrows. If you want to go fully without eyebrows, you can get some mustache wax (or even a glue stick) to plaster your brows to your face before covering with foundation. If that’s not your jam, you can just cover your brows heavily with your base makeup and remember not to enhance them with a brow product.

Clearly, Wini’s lips are the real key to her look. Opt for a wine-colored lipstick and be sure to mimic her vertical shape (with an exaggerated bow) that focuses on the center of her lips. You might look more like a flapper or Betty Boop in the process at this point, but don’t worry. I never judge a costume until the wig is on. 

The Costume

Aaaaand now, you’re ready for the costume! I actually got mine from Spirit Halloween on Amazon. I was shocked at how great the quality is and how easy it was to put together. I added the wig and a green velvet cloak and felt like it looks just as good as if I had curated all of the pieces myself from other sources.

Lash, but not least, I love an added detail. These extra items aren’t totally necessary, but if you want to invest in a broom to ride on or a boooooooook to carry around, these elements will take your costume to the next level.

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