Throwback Thursday Product Nostalgia


Social media makes me really nostalgic on Thursdays.

Today I was thinking back to my early makeup days – the days when I didn’t yet understand the concept of blending and I thought there’s no such thing as too much eyeliner (or glitter).


I’ve come a long way since then, but I still think back fondly on some of the classics that inhabited my first kit. Most of these beauty gems are discontinued, so I dedicate this post to the ones that are no longer with us…


Jane Megabytes Lipstick in Pineapple Delight

42396768-260x260-0-0_Jane+MegaBites+Flavorful+LipstickThis stuff was my be-all-end-all-wear-every-day lipstick when I was like 13. It was a pineapple scented peachy nude-pink with just a hint of shimmer. Jane has since discontinued this lippy and rebranded. It’s just not the same! If I could resurrect any product, this would be at the top of my list.


Claire’s Loose Glitter

ClairesI had waaaay too many stackable pots of this glittery goodness. I would use Vaseline to help it adhere to my eyelids and PACK layer after layer of glitter almost every day when I was a freshman in high school. There was glitter everywhere! On my clothes, all over my cheeks, on everyone I danced with at homecoming. Glitter, glitter, glitter.


CoverGirl Lipslicks

LipslickThis was one of my very first beauty purchases. It’s also one of the only beauty items from my past that hasn’t been discontinued. I grab the classic clear Lipslick from the drugstore every now and then for old times’ sake. CoverGirl offers these balmy glosses (or glossy balms?) in the classic tints as well as the fun new Smoochies incarnation with new colors. My new fav shade is Sweet Tweet!


Roxy Hula


I was OBSESSED with Roxy Hula. The solid perfume was my fav, but I liked the regular old liquid scent as well. Now if you try to find it online it’s like it never existed. Not on eBay, not on review sites, not anywhere. It’s GONE. RIP Roxy Hula, you remind me of the days when I wore Reef sandals and hemp necklaces and hung out in surf shops all the time.


Bon Bons Nail Polish


Come on, who didn’t have like 50 bottles of Bon Bons? They have since left the shelves, but luckily they have been resurrected on, a killer site that carries a ton of discontinued items as well as current popular products at great prices. Hooray!


The Body Shop Perfume Oil


Satsuma was my jam!! They still carry the scent in other forms, but the traditional perfume oil has gone away. I can vividly remember stopping in there to smell it (in those really cool apothecary style glass bottle testers) whenever I went to the mall in my early teens.


Candy Kisses Lip Balm


If I close my eyes I can still see the Candy Kisses ads in my YM Magazine. I was addicted to these cute pots of lip balm. Cherry Vanilla and Watermelon all the way you guys. Yum. And by the way… I found them on Amazon!


Bath and Body Works Body Spray


A whiff of certain Bath and Body Works scents takes me right back to when I used to wear them. Sweet Pea smells like 6th grade and Coconut Lime Verbena smells like my junior year of high school (my favorite). (Another thing I think of when I smell Sweet Pea is that one time I met Mike Tyson outside of Bath and Body Works and got his autograph on a Sweet Pea fragrance card. True story.)


Vivid Impact Eyeshadow Duos by Max Factor

Vivid20Impact20Eyeshadow20Duo20ShadI’m not going to lie, I was devastated when Max Factor was pulled from the U.S. shelves back in 2009. I loved these duos of coordinating loose powders. They provide a pop of shimmery pigment with an easy applicator. Luckily, like Bon-Bons, this stuff is also currently available on the awesome site.

Jessica Simpson Dessert



Sweet Kisses, indeed! The 18 year old Disney Princess I used to be was addicted to Jessica Simpson’s short lived Dessert line. The candy-coated collection featured fragrances and cosmetics that were all flavored and scented with sweetness. I had the fragrances, the body powder, the lipglosses, all of it. I can specifically remember thinking I HAD to get to the mall to pick up some Dessert banana split lip gloss because my then-boyfriend (now my husband) was coming up to visit me in Orlando. (So. Cheesy.) The line was discontinued in 2006 because apparently not everyone wanted to smell like a Pop Tart. You can still buy some of the products on Amazon, but I can’t attest to their freshness!
Ahh, memories. Do you have any beauty throwbacks that you miss having in your kit? I’d love to hear yours!

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  1. Jane cosmetics – especially Pineapple Delight were must haves for me, too, and I wore Roxy Hula from 11th grade until my sophomore year of college! I still have that lunchbox, haha!

  2. I STILL have my Jane #31! Was just googling trying to find it if it could?! Moreberry cheesecake!! I know I had another that was my favorite, but it’s long gone.. been hanging in to this one..
    Keep searching!!

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