Indulge at the Eau Spa Palm Beach

Jacuzzi with Rain Shower

Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a pampering at the Eau Spa Palm Beach Resort & Spa. (If this sounds familiar it’s because I gush about this epic spa on the regular.)

The place is a design masterpiece, 42,000 square feet of relaxation. Features of the spa include the Eau Spa Beautique, The Self-Centered Garden, Private Villas, Scrub and Polish Bar, Bath Lounge, Eau Zone Relaxation Lounge, 19 Treatment Rooms, and the Salon. Every last detail is perfect. Eau Spa is a departure from traditional appointment-based treatments, enveloping guests in a calming wonderland, encouraging an individualized spa experience. It’s truly like stepping into a fantasy world.

eau zone chair & chandelier

I’ve been to the spa before, but recently took a trip to experience the Queen of Hearts treatment package for the first time. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Every treatment begins with a stop at the wishing well which I love. You light a floating candle, make a wish, then place the candle into this stunning pool of water.

After my wish, I had cupcakes and Champagne for breakfast before being treated to a 60-minute Hammam Scrub & Massage by Tammy (who was absolutely amazing). She applied a mixture of ground coffee and citrus to my entire body. It smelled awesome and totally transformed my skin! Fun fact: The Eau Spa actually has its own Scrub and Polish Bar where you can whip up your own custom scrubs to use and take home.


To wash off the scrub, I was drawn a bath fit for a queen in an opulent private boudoir. My bath was in a – wait for it – outdoor roman tub. I was literally taking a bubble bath outside, looking up at the sky, surrounded by lush trees. I felt like a movie star.

After my private garden bubble bath, I received a 60-minute Eau Naturale Facial by Lorraine. It was wonderfully relaxing and my skin has never looked better.

After that, I frolicked in the Eau Spa’s amazing outdoor water playground.


I felt like a kid again except for the fact that I was sipping a Blueberry Lavender martini. Somehow, my friends at the Eau knew I might like that. 😉

(In fact, I liked it so much that I grabbed the recipe and will be posting it in a separate post very soon!)


Needless to say, I want to live at the Eau Spa. If you also want to live at the Eau Spa, you should check them out while their summer specials last! They are offering 40% off regular prices on select treatments. Specially priced services include the One Love Facial (90 minutes for $252, regularly $420), The Imperial Geisha (90 minutes for $178, regularly $296), No Fluff and All Buff ($60 minutes for $165, regularly $275), Garden of Eden (90 minutes for $285, regularly $475), and the treatment I was just gushing about, The Queen of Hearts (155 minutes for $286, regularly $476).

On your way out, don’t forget to visit the Eau Spa Beautique. They carry a beautiful assortment of gifts, clothing, accessories, and more – including Kevyn Aucoin makeup. And we all know how I feel about Kevyn Aucoin.)


If you are in my neck of the woods, you need to book an appointment at the Eau Spa stat. Even if you aren’t in the Palm Beach area, I strongly recommend booking a flight soon. It’s that good.

I feel bad for any spa I review after this one because it’s going to have serious shoes to fill. But you don’t have to take my word for it – Eau Spa was recently dubbed one of the top spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go book my next appointment.

[Disclosure: Services mentioned in this post were provided complimentary. All opinions are my own.]

Canyon Ranch Spas Partner with Celebrity Cruises for SpaClub at Sea


Celebrity Cruises and Canyon Ranch, one of the world’s leading spa brands, recently unveiled a partnership to feature Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea facilities onboard 10 Celebrity ships. Sign me up!

The luxurious Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea will include spa, beauty salon, wellness and fitness amenities presenting signature Canyon Ranch offerings as well as new facial and body treatments, and Reiki healing energy therapies, and unique yoga and meditation classes.  Om. A selection of salon offerings, including hair care, nail, and makeup services, will also be offered.

The Canyon Ranch SpaClub at Sea division of Canyon Ranch has been recognized as a “Best Spa at Sea” from various industry publications’ awards, including Condé Nast Traveler (and we all know I pretty much trust the judgement of any Condé publication).

I feel a spa spy at sea happening in the very near future! 🙂

Spa Spy: Day Spa & Beach Retreat at the Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach

Four Seasons

I suppose it’s not an absolute shocker that I had an amazing time at the Four Seasons.

With the esteemed reputation of the luxury resort I figured I was in for a treat… but I didn’t exactly realize how big of a treat until I got there. My experience was SO good. (Like better than that one time I got a pedi at the Ritz good.)

The spa encompasses this totally chic yet sophisticated atmosphere with ocean inspired décor. It’s one of the largest spas I’ve ever visited, complete with several relaxation rooms, a whirlpool room, steam room, showers, locker room and dressing parlor, and what seemed like an endless amount of treatment rooms.

An assortment of cookies, teas, and citrus infused waters were displayed at every turn throughout the rooms. The relaxation areas are fully stocked with healthy treats like nuts and cranberries too. (But seriously, try the cookies.)

The Day Spa & Beach Retreat package I received includes a 50 minute spa treatment, so I selected the Organic Custom Facial. My facialist, Patrick McElhenney, was amazing. He was super attentive and very knowledgeable. The Four Seasons offers a menu of ad-ons to enhance your facial experience, so I added the Kate Sommerville Deep Enzymatic Exfoliant. Best idea ever! It’s a yummy smelling papaya and pineapple combination that worked wonders on my skin.

While my skin was soaking in all of the goodies, Patrick gave me a serious shoulder massage which was equally amazing. (Thank you, Patrick!) On my way out, he mentioned that I absolutely had to try the showers before I leave. I don’t usually stick around too long after spa treatments (places to go, people to see, yada yada), but I’m so glad I took his advice! The showers in the spa have 6 adjustable shower heads (3 on each side) as well as a main overhead faucet, and a portable shower nozzle. Amazing organic rosemary mint bath products are also provided. No lie, best shower I’ve ever had. Who knew?

As you can tell, the spa was the highlight for me, but the Day Spa and Beach Retreat package also includes other awesome perks like complimentary valet parking, lunch, and access to beautiful Palm Beach for the day. In addition to this treatment package, the resort is offering other fun specials like the Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Pedicure. (I think I know what I’m going to try next time!)

It was truly the most relaxing spa experience I’ve had to date. It’s also dangerously close to where I live… so if I ever drop off the radar, I’m probably at the Four Seasons… taking a shower.


Spa: The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort, 2800 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL

Service: Day Spa & Beach Retreat

Verdict: So. Amazing. Loved every minute and would recommend this spa to anyone who really needs a break from reality!

Rating:  martini martini martini martini martini

[Editor’s Note: Services for this particular Spa  Spy were provided complimentary. This in no way changes or affects my opinion of the service.]

Salon Spy: Beverly Hot Springs Spa

[Spy Spy is a recurring feature in which I receive treatments from salons and spas all over the nation and rate the service, salon, and overall experience. I have a ton of reviews in the works, but I loved this place so much I bumped it to the top of the list! Since this is my first post in this category, let me preface it by saying that the salons, spas, and service providers I review do not have prior knowledge of who I am or know that I plan to blog about them. I booked a service and paid as any consumer would have. No freebies or bribes here, just the truth on beauty.]


The rock waterfall at the entrance to the check-in area at Beverly Hot Springs Spa.

While in Los Angeles for the IMATS, I decided to utilize my free time by doing a little spying in one of the country’s most glamorous cities. The first stop on my trip was Beverly Hot Springs, a heavenly oasis nestled between a string of less than luxurious little shops in the Koreatown district of Los Angeles. Before my trip I scoured the internet reading endorsements of the spa from the likes of Sharon Stone and Liv Tyler, so it had a lot to live up to.

As I first pulled up, I wasn’t sure if it was going to meet my expectations because the exterior is nothing special. That quickly changed when I stepped inside to see the most beautiful gigantic rock wall with water cascading down. It was like the most epic relaxation fountain ever. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who quickly checked me in and led me to an equally sweet spa attendant. I got a quick tour of the dressing area, lockers, bathroom, and primping parlor. Then I was then instructed to get naked.

By the way, when I say naked, I mean NAKED. Not wrapped in fluffy robes and slippers naked, birthday suit and nothing else naked. Boobs out, Spanx off, naked.

After I got over the initial shock of all of the nudity, I stripped down, and hopped into the swirling hot springs pool with a bunch of other naked chicks who did not care one bit that my body parts were hanging out. After spending about two minutes in the spring water all of my insecurities melted away too. Sitting in the alkaline water bubbling up from the hot springs was like wading in silk. The room was dimly lit with rainforest-like décor surrounding the pool. Total insta-vacation.

I was then greeted by a vicious, but wonderful little Korean woman named KJ. She was awesome. KJ lead me to a separate, less beautiful room with several metal tables lined up in a row. There are no modesty blankets or Enya in this room. This room means business.

KJ plopped me on the table like a farm animal and started on my Body Care/Body Scrub Combo by scrubbing down every inch of my body with a seaweed scrub and this really abrasive brush (like a brush you’d find in a barn to brush a horse or something). Trust me when I say every inch. I know what you’re thinking. Does she scrub there? Yes. What about up there? Yes. Everywhere you’re wondering about now, she scrubbed there too.

She flipped me every which way and began slathering on strawberry yogurt all over me and literally massaged it into my skin until it disappeared. I use the term massage loosely because it was really more of a beating. She poured a milk mixture all over me and applied a freshly grated cucumber mask to my face. I started to smell like a salad.

And this is where I lost track of what was happening. There were so many rounds of fresh wonderful smelling potions thrown on my body after that I couldn’t keep up. I got lost in all the yogurt and cucumber goodness. I think there was a honey and pumpkin seed scrub at one point? In between each concoction she doused me in buckets of the hot spring water. It hurt at times, but it was a good hurt.

Once I let go and embraced it, it was awesome.

A makeupless me in the mirror in the primping parlour after my treatment. Beverly Hot Springs provides hair styling tools, q-tips, products and all kinds of fun complimentary goodies!

A makeupless me in the mirror in the primping parlor after my treatment. Beverly Hot Springs provides hair styling tools, q-tips, products and all kinds of complimentary goodies there!

But if you can’t bring yourself to lay backside up on a table with your legs spread, this probably isn’t the place for you.

It was the most serene beating I’ve ever gotten and certainly the most unique spa treatment I’ve ever received. When it was all over, my skin looked better than it ever has. All of the tension I walked in with was gone, too. It was such a liberating and therapeutic experience, so much more than a regular spa treatment.

Honestly, I walked out of there completely revitalized, like I traded my body in for an upgrade. I felt so good. Clean. And comfortable in my own skin. Freckles, love handles, and all.


Spa: Beverly Hot Springs Spa; Los Angeles, CA

Service: Body Care/Body Scrub Combo

Price: $110

Verdict: Worth every penny! An intense spa experience everyone deserves to have at least once. Put this one on your bucket list, ladies.

Rating:  martinimartinimartinimartinimartini