Get the Look: Emmy Rossum’s Starry Night Inspired Mani by Butter London

0212f3b8852511e3a1e80a50b3739fdc_8 I am all about fun, easy nail art. If we are on the same page, I think you will love this simple yet stylish nail design by butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador, Katie Jane Hughes. She took inspiration from Van Gogh to lacquer up Emmy Rossum’s fingertips with this funky mani.

Here’s how to get the look:

  • Katie began by applying butter LONDON’s Patent Gel Top & Tails for a chip-free and long lasting wear.
  • Katie then applied two coats of butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Royal Navy, followed by a layer of Nail Lacquer in Leccy.
  • To add more dimension to the nail, Katie then used saran wrap to speckle butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Diamond Geezer over the nail.
  • The look was finished with the Patent Gel Top & Tails and a dab of butter LONDON Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil.
  • Tada!

Obsession of the Day: LetThemSparkle Custom Hand Painted Fake Nails


I know I cover the beauty giants all the time, but I also love to love the little guy! Nail art rockstar Jessica Hapak hand paints these  fake nails on her own and sells them via her Etsy shop, LetThemSparkle. She embellishes them with rhinestones, spikes, studs, bows, and other cutesy 3-D accents. Had I known this before, I totally would have included her products in my Etsy Beauty Favorites.

She features these super creative designs and you can tell they were painted with love. You know how homemade cookies always taste better even if you didn’t bake them yourself?

Embarrassing beauty confession: My real nails are not cute. Like, at all. As a teenager I was in a car accident and injured my right hand which resulted in permanent damage of my nail beds. (Thank God the only issue I have from that is funky nails!) Moral of the story is, I prefer to keep my nails covered with fake tips of some sort.

I also am not a nail art pro. I could dazzle you for days with makeup tips and tricks, but nail art does not come as easily to me. So, I LOVE that these arrive all done in all of their nail arty glory. And they are way cheaper than the dough you would spend getting this kind of art done in a nail salon.

I scooped up the Blue Animal Print Set and the Pink and Grey Set (shown above) and I adore them both! I’m also loving these new designs:




So fun! She even has festive offerings for the holidays up now too. Check it out!

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