7 Beauty Apps You Need to Download


I think the marriage of beauty and digital media is a wonderful thing. There are countless mobile apps on the market now that will do everything from let you try on celebrity hairstyles to connect you directly with a celebrity hairstylist. I’ve mentioned various apps on the blog before, but now I have curated a list of my current faves in one handy post. These tried and true beauty apps are definite keepers that I think you will love as much as I do. Behold, the seven beauty apps you need to download right now… (Seriously, start loading the App Store!)


GlamSquad is like Uber for your beauty routine. Simply download the app, select the beautification service, and they will come to you (on location!) and pretty you up. GlamSquad offers a variety of predetermined hair and makeup looks (like “The Bombshell” and “The Siren”) to make your selection a snap. This service is super convenient and will save you time and money in traveling to your salon! Treat yourself like the star you are and have your beautification team come to you.

YouCam Makeup

Look a little washed out in your photo? Just add a little post-production blush with YouCam Makeup. (I suggest you use this one post-selfie-shoot, but pre-filtering.) It’s an app that uses facial recognition technology to digitally add makeup to your photos. It can look beautiful and natural when done correctly. It does look a little cheeseball if you go overboard, so please YouCam in moderation. Thankfully, each feature can be adjusted and does not have to be rendered at full intensity.


Beautified, co-founded by DJ/model/fitness guru/professional cool person Hannah Bronfman, allows you to effortlessly book same day salon/spa services and fitness classes with the touch of a button. It features a well-curated list of providers, all displayed in a very user-friendly way with easily accessible info and pricing.

Sephora to Go

Sephora to Go is amazing. In addition to the traditional Sephora shopping we all know and love, the app features inspiration including shoppable looks! Look at a photo of one of your glammed up favorite influencers, and click to purchase the products she put on her face. It’s super easy and fun if shopping is your mission.

Glam Style

This amazing lifestyle app features a new edition every month, always packed with fun, relevant content. (You might remember when I participated in the Glam Beauty 100 with my #GlamFam and mentioned the app back then.) This month’s Valentine’s focused edition is definitely worth checking out!

L’Oreal Makeup Genius

THIS. This app is awesome. L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius scans your face in seconds then allows you to try on any shade (in real time!) and shop direct from your phone. The makeup library also features complete looks created by L’Oreal artists that you can try. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the video of what it looks like in action. It’s brilliant.

Martinis and Mascara

Shameless self promotion alert! It felt wrong to not include the Martinis and Mascara app in my roundup of favorite apps. Chances are, if you’re reading this post right now, you’ll like it. 😉

Obsession of the Day: L’Oreal Triple Resist Advanced Haircare


I’m a longtime fan of nearly anything associated with beauty giant L’Oreal – from their luxe and professional products to consumer and active cosmetics. (Fun, semi-related fact: The L’Oreal Professionnel Majirouge hair color line is the secret to my bright red locks!)

One of my other favorite brands under the massive L’Oreal umbrella is good old L’Oreal Paris, available at your local Walgreens or CVS (or Duane Reade for those of you lucky enough to live in my favorite city). Prestige quality at mass brand prices – what’s not to love?

They recently launched a collection devoted to reinforcing the strength of your hair, the L’Oreal Triple Resist Advanced Haircare. I’ve been using the shampoo, conditioner, and Ultimate Strength Solution with great results. The collection mingles beautifully and utilizes an Arginine packed formula to heal fragile, breakage prone hair… which I definitely have after abusing my strands with bleach in the not so distant past.

Not only do these products help me successfully nourish damaged locks (and smell amazing!), each product is priced around 5 bucks. Life is expensive, so when I find a bargain brand that actually works I stick with it.

In fact, I packed this trio of Triple Resist products in my travel bag over the weekend to prep my freshly cropped hair for the fashionista extravaganza that is BeautyCon! Statement tee? Check. On-trend eyeliner? Check. Hair that’s healthy, shiny, and strong from root to tip? Check!


Want samples of the shampoo and conditioner to strengthen your own locks? The first 500 to sign up will receive samples along with a coupon for free! Just click here to fill out the form and let them know that I sent ya! 😉

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Get instant results and lasting transformation with Advanced Haircare Triple Resist from L’Oreal Paris. The triple action power of the formulas with concentrated Arginine reinforces strands and helps hair resist breakage. Change the life of your hair.

[Disclosure: Compensation was provided by L’Oreal Paris via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L’Oreal Paris.]