Five Questions: Talking Beauty with Real Housewives of Miami’s Lea Black

leablack Entrepreneur and Real Housewife Lea Black, wife of high-profile attorney Roy Black, recently expanded her beauty empire to include a new line of luxury skincare, appropriately titled Lea Black Beauty. The line is anti-aging focused, but chock-full of quality ingredients suitable for skin types of all ages.

Lea, along with successful cosmetics professional (and Lea Black Beauty President) Melinda Wells-DeRocher, created a signature skincare system which features four core products: Advanced Anti-Aging Serum, Everyday Moisture, Intensive Moisture Renewal Crème, and the Revitalizing Skin Exfoliant. Lea Black Beauty also offers a Non-Surgical Facelift Kit, complete with Lea’s Facial Contour Lift Powder, Facial Contour Lift Gel, a scoop, mixing cup, and fan brush applicator.leablackcollection

I caught up with the beauty maven last week and she boasted some pretty steep product claims about her signature moisturizer. After testing it out myself I discovered she wasn’t kidding! I’ve been using Lea’s Intensive Moisture Renewal Crème for almost a week now and have noticed a significant increase in my skin’s moisture level. The rich cream is infused with a natural extract complex consisting of aloe vera, grapefruit, licorice, cucumber and white tea. It’s also packed with vitamins A, C and E, as well as mango seed, cocoa and shea butters, and a-lipoic acid. I LOVE it. It has a light scent and provides hydration for days.

I also got the scoop on the socialite’s take on beauty, from her can’t-live-without-it product to how long it takes her to primp for her annual charity gala. Here’s what she had to say…

Five Questions with Lea Black 

MM: What inspired you to launch your own skincare line?

LB: I started it the mid ’80s because I always admired my grandmothers’ flawless skin and I learned a bit about the business in California, so I decided to do my own thing.

MM: What is your favorite look for a night out in Miami?

LB: Fabulous jeans, chic top and lots of jewelry with one of my blinged out handbags which you can check out at

MM: How long does it take you to primp for your annual charity gala?

LB: Honestly, I got dressed including hair and makeup in about 45 minutes.

MM: What is your cant-live-without-it beauty product?

LB: Lea Black Beauty moisturizer which increases moisturization in your skin 440 percent in 2 days.

MM: Do you have any beauty secrets or tricks you’d like to share?

LB: Lots of water, sleep and staying out of sun.

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Want to test out some of her new products too? Lea Black Beauty is available online via