Get Perfect Mermaid Hair at RPZL

RPZL Extensions 1  

Put me on a rock and call me Ariel!

When my friends at RPZL, NYC’s first express hair extension and blowout bar, invited me in to try out their services, I was jumping for joy. My naturally fine, thin hair has left me longing for lengthier locks for years. Aside from a brief extension-wearing stint in cosmetology school, I’ve had to rely on mass amounts of mousse and dry shampoo to create the appearance of thick, voluminous hair. The struggle is real.

Luckily, RPZL created a solution for this. Co-Founders Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards were determined to find a way for consumers to save time and money on world-class hair extensions. Together, they fixed the glaring holes in this explosive market. By applying cutting-edge technology to beauty, they introduced a revolutionary process, which decreased application time while improving both quality and accessibility to this transformative experience.

RPZL offers a wide range of options from effortless clip-ins to keratin bonded extensions applied with ultrasonic technology. Of course, I opted to go all the way and get RPZL Next, a full set of revolutionary extensions that typically last for three months or more.


The Headmasters at RPZL expertly match for color, length, and texture at their House of Hair. The team selected three different red shades of the highest quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair to create a personalized color just for me. My amazing stylist Tiffany expertly incorporated 125 small groups of the hair with keratin attachments using sound activation. There was no damaging heat involved and no hair-pulling like some other methods. This unique process was fast and comfortable. It took just a few hours and it went by really quickly as I snacked on glitter dusted rice krispie treats, sipped on rose, and enjoyed the beautiful ambiance.

RPZL_Interiors _049

After my epic hair transformation I received a stylish blowout, complete with perfect mermaid waves. I’m thrilled with my results and am officially an extension addict.

Not located in New York? No problem! RPZL is totally shoppable online now and you can score your own voluminous goodness on their site. Btw, if you can’t make it in person and want to shop for extensions online, you can actually send in a selfie and they’ll help you pick the perfect RPZL in an Instant match! Or, you could go for a pop color with a completely different shade with RPZL Pop. They also offer fun options for effortless updos like the RPZL Pony!

RPZL in an Instant! TM

Trust me, you’ll love these extensions. I sure do! I have a feeling I’m not going to want to go back to my regular hair after my three months is up. I will def keep you all posted and let you know how it goes as they grow out!

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates as well as my tips and tricks for maintaining extensions properly! #GoLong 😉