Product Review: Diorshow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler by Dior


Heated eyelash curlers have always freaked me out, especially since I’ve been hopelessly devoted to a very basic metal curler by Cover Girl since I was about 12. When one wore out, I just tossed it and purchased another… until the recent discontinuation of my favorite lash tool. After experimenting with some horrible replacements (and losing lashes in the process), I decided to step outside the box and test out a heated curler.

I picked up the exclusive Diorshow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler by Dior from Sephora and was pleasantly surprised. The design of the curler is very easy to maneuver, similar to a mascara wand with a heated comb at the top. It’s equipped with a switch allowing you to flip the degree of heat depending on your desired curl intensity. I flicked the switch up to the second setting, let it warm up for half a minute, swept up my lashes, and fell in love instantly. You can literally design the curl of your lashes with a simple wave of the tool while leaving the lashes looking healthy, flirty, and without the harsh bend that can be caused by traditional lash curlers.

Also unlike the traditional curlers, I found that this one works best when used after the mascara application. Not only did it curl properly, but the heat actually smoothed out the mascara formula, coating the lashes more evenly, separating each lash, and cutting down on the clump factor for a polished look.

I know applying heat doesn’t exactly scream “damage control,” but used sparingly, the right heated curler can actually be gentler than the wear and tear that can accompany a crimp from a regular curler. Also, placing a heated rod near my eye was nowhere near as creepy as I had imagined. Who knew?

I think it’s a wise investment for any beauty bag, even with the $25 price tag. It’s a limited edition, ladies, so scoop this one up fast!


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