“Brush with Fame” Challenge #4: Flawless Summer Skin 101

Summertime and the living’s easy! To me, summer is all about having fun… and effortlessly stunning skin! I love a flawless finish makeup application, but who wants to spend a million years getting ready? Not this girl! With L.A. Colors amazing multitasking face makeup products, you can get serious professional coverage in a matter of minutes!

PicMonkey Collage BWF4

I’m OBSESSED with the L.A. Colors Cover Up Pro Concealer Sticks! These sticks are absolute skin savers. Contour, correct, and cover – all with the same product! This product applies smoothly, blends effortless, and provides the perfect amount of coverage without being too heavy.

Start off by concealing any imperfections. Remember our friend the color wheel? I neutralized my red blemishes using the Cover Up Pro Concealer Stick in Mint (green and red are complementary colors that cancel each other out).

I applied Cover Up Pro Concealer Stick in Glow under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, on my upper cheekbones, my smile lines, and in the depression in my chin to highlight. I then swiped Cover Up Pro Concealer Stick in Café under my cheekbones, jawline, and along the sides of my nose and blended in to sculpt my features. Quickest contour ever. To set my sculpted skin, I patted on L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder in Fair. To add even more summer color, I dusted on 3D Blush Contour in My Sweetie to the areas where the sun would hit my face.

When your skin is the star of your look, you can go minimal with the rest of your makeup. Just a swipe of liner (I used Jumbo Eye Pencil in Sand Castles) under the eyes and a touch of gloss on the lips (I used Chunky Lip Pencil in Crème Brulee) and you’re good to go!

[Disclosure: This post is part of a five part series. I was selected to compete in the “Brush with Fame Challenge” by In Touch magazine, Life&Style Magazine, and L.A. Colors Cosmetics! I received these products to participate. Keep an eye out for upcoming challenge posts!]

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“Brush with Fame” Challenge #3: Ombre Lip Tricks and Tips


Happy National Lipstick Day! Today is the perfect opportunity to share tips and tricks for recreating my fav lip trends with L.A. Colors Cosmetics! My favorite trend can actually transform into my favorite trick for creating plump lips! It’s a win-win for everyone.

We’ve all heard of the ombre hair trend, but have you ever tried an ombre lip? It’s a fun (and super simple) way to mix up your lip wardrobe and inject a little high fashion into your look.

L.A. Colors has the most amazing lippies to help you get this look with minimal effort. I’m living for the L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Pencils! They blend so easily and deliver high impact color with a perfect balance of shine.


To get the ombre lip effect, stick with two shades in the same color family. I selected Deep Red and Rose as my color combo. Line the lips with the darkest shade (Deep Red) and blend inward. Then fill in the rest of your lips with the lighter shade (Rose), concentrating on the center of your lips.

If you aren’t into a full out two-toned lip look, you can blend the two shades in more for a more subtle effect. This will create the ultimate optical illusion for plump lips. Muah!

[Disclosure: This post is part of a five part series. I was selected to compete in the “Brush with Fame Challenge” by In Touch magazine, Life&Style Magazine, and L.A. Colors Cosmetics! I received these products to participate. Keep an eye out for upcoming challenge posts!]

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“Brush with Fame” Challenge #2: Classic Hollywood Makeup Tutorial


I think a makeup look that every gal should have in her beauty arsenal is the classic old Hollywood inspired look. It is one of those timeless trends that will look good on the red carpet no matter what the season is. When I envision this classic look, it’s all about glowing skin (with properly defined features, of course), a red lip, and the most important element – a strong eye featuring lashes for days! Here are a few examples of celebs who do it right:




Adele, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry all strike the perfect balance for that classic Hollywood face. While the red lips certainly draw attention, I think the real star of this look is the eyes. As you can tell from the photos, each one of these ladies pair eyeshadow in shimmering neutral tones with a serious pair of lashes. Luckily, L.A. Colors Cosmetics has some absolutely amazing eye makeup products that make pulling this look off a total breeze! I am obsessed with the L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette and the DramatiLash False Lash Kit! The L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils are perfect for properly defining the eye for this specific look too. See below for the rest of products I used to channel my inner Hollywood goddess:


Step 1: Start off by applying L.A. Colors Mineral Pressed Powder all over the skin to provide an even canvas for the look. To add definition and really sculpt the face, use the 3D Blush Contour palette in Sugar Plum, sweeping on the contour shade underneath the cheekbones, across the jawline, and down the sides of the nose. Brush on the highlight color to the high planes of the face and dust some blush onto the apples of your cheeks to pull together the look.

Step 2: Create a strong, thick winged liner on your top lid using L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black. The thickness of the pencil will make it easy to create this effect. Line underneath the bottom lashes, smudging gently so there is subtle definition under the lower lid. For even more oomph, line the inner rim (or waterline) with L.A. Colors Jumbo Eye Pencil in White. This timeless trick will really open the eye, make your peepers appear larger, and brighten your overall look. I also like to add a little white to the inner corner of the eye near the tear duct and blend up to the lower corner of your top lid for added effect.

Step 3: Dust on a champagne shimmer shadow to the entire lid. (I love the second shadow from the top left row in the L.A. Colors 16 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Sweet for this.) Blend a darker bronze color (like the second from the left in the bottom row) to the crease to add drama and create definition. Pop a really light color (like the whitish shimmer in the bottom right hand corner of the palette) onto the brow bone. I also used this same shimmer shade to brush along my cheekbones for extra glam highlighting. This is a timeless color combo that will always be on trend.

Step 4: To really enhance the eyes, apply two coats of L.A. Colors Double Volume Mascara on the upper and lower lashes before applying false eyelashes. The mascara on your natural lashes will create a more blended look when the fake ones are placed on top. For this particular look, I love the first top set from the DramatiLash Little Flirt collection. This kit comes with glue and everything you need to apply the false lashes. Just apply a little glue along the base of the band, wait a few moments for the glue to get tacky, then place gently onto the lash line.

Step 5: Now that the eyes are properly played up, all that’s left to do is pop on the red lipstick (I used L.A. Colors Hydrating Lipstick in Dark Cherry) and you’re good to go! Happy Hollywooding. ;)


[Disclosure: This post is part of a five part series. I was selected to compete in the “Brush with Fame Challenge” by In Touch magazine, Life&Style Magazine, and L.A. Colors Cosmetics! I received these products to participate. Keep an eye out for upcoming challenge posts!]

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Glam Beauty Board: Summer Favorites


I am so thrilled to participate in the Glam Beauty Board program! Beauty Board is an exclusive, invitation-only panel made up of Glam.com’s favorite beauty bloggers. I’m so flattered to be one of them! As a participant, I receive quarterly selections of the hottest new products that were selected by the Glam Editorial Team. I just got my first batch of products that are absolute life savers for summer. I am in love! See below for a roundup of my favorites from this carefully curated array of products:


Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush


I love love love this Cheek Rush. It is a cellophane sheer blush in a refreshing gel formula. It is absolutely perfect for a summertime blush because it’s light, blends into the skin perfectly, and will not melt off in the summer sun. The shades are beautiful and very on-trend, too!


Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor


With 5 blades and 8 times more glide boosters for a closer shave and less irritation, the Venus Embrace Sensitive is designed especially for sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin myself and am always on the hunt for the perfect razor. This is one of the best!


Coast To Coast Ultra Soothing Aqua Mist Wild Rosella & Geranium


Refresh and hydrate dry or sensitive skin with this soothing mist containing Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Wild Rosella and Organic Lavender Water. This combination of skin loving ingredients will calm and soothe inflamed or irritated skin. It’s a perfect to mist on after sun exposure, too!


Bite Beauty BB for Lips


This lip enhancing, five-in-one balm is fabulous. It’s a summer essential that provides the look and feel of just-kissed, healthy, and hydrated lips. The color-rich balm repairs, primes, and protects with SPF 15.


Verb Sea Salt Spray


I am such a sucker for sea salt spray! This is a good one. Verb Sea Spray takes landlocked hair to the beach for loose, languid curls. It creates instant texture that can work for the classic beach look or even work to build a foundation for a messy updo. Formulated with natural sea salt and smoothing moisturizers, this light mist infuses all hair types with oceanic waves for a breezy texture boost.

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MAC Launching Simpsons Collection at Comic Con in San Diego This Weekend


Move over Rihanna, Marge Simpson is MAC Cosmetics’ newest beauty muse. As if I wasn’t already suffering from a serious case of Comic Con FOMO (fear of missing out, that is), this collection will debut exclusively at the event on Saturday at a MAC popup shop.

The ten piece collection will feature eye shadows, lip glasses, nail stickers, blushes and false lashes. Here’s a sneak peek at the Simpsons inspired goodies:


MAC x Marge Simpson will be available to the rest of the world online August 28th and in stores on September 4th.

If any of you are going to Comic Con, please check out these products for me and also tell Alexander Skarsgard I say hello. Unrelated, but equally important. Please and thank you.

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#AmpUpYourStyle with TRESemme

Image 3

J’Adore TRESemme. Seriously.

I blog about the brand all the time, particularly because I love their assortment of quality products at affordable prices! They also have a killer contest going on right now where you can win a trip for two to the VMAs! Whaaat! Click here for deets.

TRESemme provides the perfect tools for you to #AmpUpYourStyle. My go-to style for effortless amped up perfection is… the pouf! We could call it a pompadour if you want to get technical, but pouf does the trick, too. I think it’s the easiest, most versatile look you can whip up to become an instant rock star. There are a lot of different ways to achieve this look though. See below to see how I do it!
PicMonkey Collage

Step 1: Shampoo and condition hair with a volumizing shampoo like TRESemme 24 Hour Body Shampoo and Conditioner. Towel dry hair and apply a dollop of TRESemme Climate Protection Mousse. Scrunch throughout the hair, concentrating on the root area.

Step 2: Blowdry your hair upside down. You might look like you have a crazy lion mane when you flip your hair back up. Don’t panic – this is all part of the plan to amp up your style! The crazy body provided by doing this will provide a solid foundation for the pouf.

Step 3: Separate your fringe (or bangs) area into a triangular section. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

Step 4: Starting from the back of the triangle section, slice out thin horizontal partings of hair. Spray the roots generously with TRESemme hairspray. Backcomb to death with a teasing comb. (I like to use a boar bristle teasing brush, but a traditional rat tail comb works too!)

Step 5: Continue parting and combing until you reach the last section at your hairline. Do not backcomb this last parting! Leave that alone so it will look pretty when you smooth it over the mound of teased hair. After smoothing it over the rest of the hair, spray with a finishing spray like TRESemme Climate Control Finishing Spray. Pin hair back with bobby pins if desired.

And now that you know how super simple it is to get to pouf perfection using TRESemme, here are some examples of how you can wear the pouf! It’s literally so versatile and you can dress it up or down as desired. See below for further amped up inspiration. It took me about 30 seconds to switch between styles. Pouf = life.

PicMonkey Collage3

Now, how would you like to win some of your own amazing TRESemme products so you can amp up your style?! Enter my giveaway below for your chance to win!

Tresemme VMA – Martinis and Mascara

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TRESemme via lunchbox, but all opinions are my own.]

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“Brush with Fame” Challenge #1: Zooey Deschanel Nails It in Hollywood


I think Zoey Deschanel owns the Hollywood nail art space, hands down. (No pun intended!)

She always sports the cutest fingertips on the red carpet! One of my absolute favorite nail art looks from Zooey was this adorable set of tuxedo nails she wore to the Golden Globes. She shared this pic on her Instagram and created an instant trend:


So cute, fun, trendy – and easy too! The amazing nail art products from L.A. Colors make recreating this look a total breeze.

I used L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art lacquer to do my own tuxedo nails inspired by Zooey. Here’s the breakdown of the steps for the easiest nail art ever:

Step 1: Start with a coat of L.A. Colors Triple Play, a super versatile basecoat that also works as a topcoat and nail hardener!


Step 2: Apply two full coats of Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in White to the entire nail. Before you start, make sure to roll the polish in your hands instead of shaking up and down! This will help you avoid bubbles and keep your polish in top shape for a seamless application. Let dry completely in between coats. You could also mix up this look and make it your own by painting on an accent nail (like your ring finger) in a bright color.


Step 3: Swipe a horizontal stripe of Art Deco Nail Art Lacquer in Black over the top tip of the nail.


Step 4: Use an orangewood stick (a toothpick works, too!) to create a bow tie and three buttons on each fingernail. Just dip the stick into the black nail polish and dot on. It’s easiest to think of the bow tie like two little triangles (three dots each) that point in toward each other.

Step 5: Finish with another coat of Triple Play to seal your nail art. Ta-da!


So fun, right?! #NailedIt.

[Disclosure: This post is the first in a five part series. I was selected to compete in the “Brush with Fame Challenge” by In Touch magazine, Life&Style Magazine, and L.A. Colors Cosmetics! I received these products to participate. Keep an eye out for upcoming challenge posts!]

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