Who did your logo?!

The amazing Taryn Young of Mad Happy Studio! She is awesome. Hire her!

Do you pay for the products you review?

Sometimes. Some products have been purchased and some have been submitted to me for consideration by various companies. Every review, no matter how the product has been obtained, is 100% truthful.

Do you pay for your “Salon Spy” services?

Yes. As of May 2013, I have paid for all salon/spa services in that category. I booked the services and paid as any consumer would have. The salons, spas, and service providers I review do not have prior knowledge of who I am or know that I plan to blog about them. If at any time that changes, it will be noted in my disclosure at the bottom of the post.

Do you create your recipes for “Wear This/Drink That”?

Some recipes are originals that I have concocted and some are recipes from various liquor companies, but all pairing ideas are my own. If I’m using a cocktail recipe from a company they will be credited in the post.

Any more questions? Just ask! Email Katie@KatherineLoretta.com.

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