Were you really a Disney princess? Who were you?

That is a true story! I fell in love with makeup backstage at Walt Disney World. I got pretty close with Snow White and Princess Leia while I was employed there.

What makeup school did you attend?

I went to Joe Blasco Makeup Artist Training Center in Orlando. (There is also a great location in Los Angeles.) While I believe you don’t need to attend school to be an artist, I loved it! I also went to cosmetology school and bartending school to round out my Martinis and Mascara advanced education. 😉

Do you pay for the products you review?

Sometimes. Some products have been purchased and some have been submitted to me for consideration by various brands. Every review, no matter how the product has been obtained, is 100% truthful.

Can I send you product for editorial review?

Yes, of course! I am happy to accept products for editorial consideration. I do not guarantee a review to every product that is sent to me. My philosophy is that I’d rather praise something I love rather than bash something I hate. If I test your product and it’s a fit, I will work it into my content calendar.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

I do! However, I am selective when choosing who I partner with. More on that here.

Do you create the recipes for you Wear This/Drink That posts?

Some recipes are originals that I have concocted and some are recipes sent to me by various liquor companies, but all pairing ideas are my own. If I’m using a cocktail recipe from a brand they will be credited in the post.

Who did your logo?!

The amazing Taryn Young of Mad Happy Studio! She is awesome. Hire her!


Any more questions? Just ask! Email Katie@KatherineLoretta.com.

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