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Get Perfect Mermaid Hair at RPZL

RPZL Extensions 1  

Put me on a rock and call me Ariel!

When my friends at RPZL, NYC’s first express hair extension and blowout bar, invited me in to try out their services, I was jumping for joy. My naturally fine, thin hair has left me longing for lengthier locks for years. Aside from a brief extension-wearing stint in cosmetology school, I’ve had to rely on mass amounts of mousse and dry shampoo to create the appearance of thick, voluminous hair. The struggle is real.

Luckily, RPZL created a solution for this. Co-Founders Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards were determined to find a way for consumers to save time and money on world-class hair extensions. Together, they fixed the glaring holes in this explosive market. By applying cutting-edge technology to beauty, they introduced a revolutionary process, which decreased application time while improving both quality and accessibility to this transformative experience.

RPZL offers a wide range of options from effortless clip-ins to keratin bonded extensions applied with ultrasonic technology. Of course, I opted to go all the way and get RPZL Next, a full set of revolutionary extensions that typically last for three months or more.


The Headmasters at RPZL expertly match for color, length, and texture at their House of Hair. The team selected three different red shades of the highest quality 100% Virgin Remy Hair to create a personalized color just for me. My amazing stylist Tiffany expertly incorporated 125 small groups of the hair with keratin attachments using sound activation. There was no damaging heat involved and no hair-pulling like some other methods. This unique process was fast and comfortable. It took just a few hours and it went by really quickly as I snacked on glitter dusted rice krispie treats, sipped on rose, and enjoyed the beautiful ambiance.

RPZL_Interiors _049

After my epic hair transformation I received a stylish blowout, complete with perfect mermaid waves. I’m thrilled with my results and am officially an extension addict.

Not located in New York? No problem! RPZL is totally shoppable online now and you can score your own voluminous goodness on their site. Btw, if you can’t make it in person and want to shop for extensions online, you can actually send in a selfie and they’ll help you pick the perfect RPZL in an Instant match! Or, you could go for a pop color with a completely different shade with RPZL Pop. They also offer fun options for effortless updos like the RPZL Pony!

RPZL in an Instant! TM

Trust me, you’ll love these extensions. I sure do! I have a feeling I’m not going to want to go back to my regular hair after my three months is up. I will def keep you all posted and let you know how it goes as they grow out!

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates as well as my tips and tricks for maintaining extensions properly! #GoLong ;)

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Experience the Perfect Haircut at Rossano Ferretti Hairspa

Rossano Ferretti

It’s only fitting that I spent my Valentine’s Day with Rossano Ferretti because he truly loves his craft.

The master stylist, although he’s rather under the radar in the U.S., is arguably the world’s most exclusive hairdresser. To give you an idea of his prestige, Rossano’s clientele includes a certain Royal Duchess and her sister… along with a slew of Hollywood A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, Angelina Jolie, and Sophia Loren. As one of the most coveted hairdressers, Rossano cuts hair for only a select group of loyal clients from around the world. One of his newest clients? Me!

Rossano is renowned for creating “The Method,” a signature beauty concept that works to maximize the individual beauty of each individual client; cutting the hair so it falls naturally and effortlessly around one’s face.

“I’m against trends. To sell trends is easy,” Rossano told me at the brand’s New York Flagship on Madison Ave.  “To personalize beauty is the real matter.”

His signature concept has rendered him one of the most respected names in beauty on a global scale. Having spent years on end refining his unique philosophy and technique, The Method is considered revolutionary not only by his loyal clients who swear by it, but also by beauty aficionados and the hair industry worldwide.

I was fortunate enough to experience this mastery first hand on Rossano’s recent trip to New York during fashion week. I can personally attest that this man truly knows what he’s talking about.

His haircuts are almost like a dance, like a fluid full rotation of the body rather than just a chop of the scissors. The haircutting shears are just an extension of his hand during the dance used to carve a unique shape. He does not use traditional geometric partings, but cuts in a more organic way, paying close attention to the way the hair naturally falls. It was really fascinating and like nothing I’ve experienced before. I was actually quite stunned at his ability to take away so much hair while creating the illusion that I actually have more.

“I’m known for inventing the ‘invisible haircut,’” he said. “Women will come to us with chopped hair or a classic bob and when we cut their hair, they say, ‘Finally, I am free. Before I just had a haircut, but now I truly feel beautiful.’ There is a big different between cutting someone’s hair and making them feel beautiful.”


Mission accomplished. I walked out of there feeling completely transformed – more beautiful and confident than I can remember feeling in a long time. At Rossano’s suggestion, I also changed up my color at the salon with the help of master colorist Miranda Shaffer. She toned down some of the orange and pink tones I had left in my hair and created more of a warm, rich auburn rather than the bright pinky-red I’ve been sporting recently. I love it.

I highly recommend a visit to a Rossano Ferretti Hairspa. And if you don’t live in New York, don’t worry! Rossano has over 20 namesake salons around the globe in locations including London, Paris, Beverly Hills, Rome, Beijing and Milan. Now I want to visit them all!

[Disclosure: I received complimentary services for this post, but that in no way alters my opinion of the experience.]

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Indulge at the Eau Spa Palm Beach

Jacuzzi with Rain Shower

Seriously, you haven’t lived until you’ve had a pampering at the Eau Spa Palm Beach Resort & Spa. (If this sounds familiar it’s because I gush about this epic spa on the regular.)

The place is a design masterpiece, 42,000 square feet of relaxation. Features of the spa include the Eau Spa Beautique, The Self-Centered Garden, Private Villas, Scrub and Polish Bar, Bath Lounge, Eau Zone Relaxation Lounge, 19 Treatment Rooms, and the Salon. Every last detail is perfect. Eau Spa is a departure from traditional appointment-based treatments, enveloping guests in a calming wonderland, encouraging an individualized spa experience. It’s truly like stepping into a fantasy world.

eau zone chair & chandelier

I’ve been to the spa before, but recently took a trip to experience the Queen of Hearts treatment package for the first time. Best decision I’ve ever made!

Every treatment begins with a stop at the wishing well which I love. You light a floating candle, make a wish, then place the candle into this stunning pool of water.

After my wish, I had cupcakes and Champagne for breakfast before being treated to a 60-minute Hammam Scrub & Massage by Tammy (who was absolutely amazing). She applied a mixture of ground coffee and citrus to my entire body. It smelled awesome and totally transformed my skin! Fun fact: The Eau Spa actually has its own Scrub and Polish Bar where you can whip up your own custom scrubs to use and take home.


To wash off the scrub, I was drawn a bath fit for a queen in an opulent private boudoir. My bath was in a – wait for it – outdoor roman tub. I was literally taking a bubble bath outside, looking up at the sky, surrounded by lush trees. I felt like a movie star.

After my private garden bubble bath, I received a 60-minute Eau Naturale Facial by Lorraine. It was wonderfully relaxing and my skin has never looked better.

After that, I frolicked in the Eau Spa’s amazing outdoor water playground.


I felt like a kid again except for the fact that I was sipping a Blueberry Lavender martini. Somehow, my friends at the Eau knew I might like that. ;)

(In fact, I liked it so much that I grabbed the recipe and will be posting it in a separate post very soon!)


Needless to say, I want to live at the Eau Spa. If you also want to live at the Eau Spa, you should check them out while their summer specials last! They are offering 40% off regular prices on select treatments. Specially priced services include the One Love Facial (90 minutes for $252, regularly $420), The Imperial Geisha (90 minutes for $178, regularly $296), No Fluff and All Buff ($60 minutes for $165, regularly $275), Garden of Eden (90 minutes for $285, regularly $475), and the treatment I was just gushing about, The Queen of Hearts (155 minutes for $286, regularly $476).

On your way out, don’t forget to visit the Eau Spa Beautique. They carry a beautiful assortment of gifts, clothing, accessories, and more – including Kevyn Aucoin makeup. And we all know how I feel about Kevyn Aucoin.)


If you are in my neck of the woods, you need to book an appointment at the Eau Spa stat. Even if you aren’t in the Palm Beach area, I strongly recommend booking a flight soon. It’s that good.

I feel bad for any spa I review after this one because it’s going to have serious shoes to fill. But you don’t have to take my word for it – Eau Spa was recently dubbed one of the top spas in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go book my next appointment.

[Disclosure: Services mentioned in this post were provided complimentary. All opinions are my own.]

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Salon Spy: AIRBAR


I’m a huge fan of blowdry bars and I’m so thrilled that AIRBAR recently opened up in my neck of the woods! The chic Palm Beach Gardens salon has decor to die for and talented stylists that can create whatever look your heart desires. I went for one of their signature styles, “The Bouncy,” and absolutely loved the results. Go big or go home, right?


I usually opt for volume and curl, but they can style it all up from sleek and straight to topknots and braids.

The AIRBAR team prides themselves on using only quality haircare brands including Phylia (de M.) which I love love love. Phylia (de M.) is an organic keratin and cell renewal line that guarantees thicker, fuller hair. The exclusive line is only available at eight salons in the country including AIRBAR. The salon, which also boasts an assortment of other­ awesome organic and luxury hair care lines like Living Proof, is the only venue in Florida approved to carry the line.

The hot blowdry spot also now offers makeup on weekends via the awesome artists from Luka Cosmetics.

If you are in the South Florida area I definitely recommend AIRBAR. Walk in, blow out! :)



Service: Blowout

Verdict: Loved it! My stylist Lisandra was awesome. Perfect place to get styled for a night out.

Rating:  martini martini martini martini martini

[Disclosure: Services for this particular Salon Spy were provided complimentary. This in no way changes or affects my opinion of the service.]

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Salon Spy: The Fashion House


The Fashion House, a boutique makeup parlour and accessories shop, is a totally fun and unique concept from co-owners Anne Brown and Chelitza Marie. The stylish setting is actually a room within a larger salon/barbershop (The Mensroom) in beautiful downtown Delray Beach, but the vision and decor are completely independent and separate from what’s going on outside. It has a fun, exclusive vibe like you have to be in-the-know to even know it’s there. Their services extend beyond traditional styling as their team provides hair and makeup application services as well as accessory styling.


Anne styled my hair and Chelitza painted me up with Motives Cosmetics. I was not previously familiar with Motives, but this session made me a fan. They also sell Motives if you would like to purchase anything after getting dolled up.


Here is a breakdown of what she used:
These were my favorite Motives products I discovered that day:

Color Perfection Quad


This quad has everything you need to create a completely concealed and contoured complexion. You can use the colors separately to highlight, shade, conceal, etc. or mix them together to create a customized foundation color. Of course, she used the lightest shade on me, but the quad is also available in medium, medium dark, and dark.

Pressed Eyeshadow in Red Earth


Usually, red shadow would not be my first choice, but I was pleasantly surprised! She used a pop of Red Earth, a deep metallic red, on my middle lid and it was actually very flattering. I was really impressed with the quality of the eye shadow overall.

10 Years Younger Spray


This makeup setting spray is legit. It contains aloe vera and other goodies so your skin stays looking fresh while sealing your makeup at the same time. And it smells wonderful! These products are available online in addition to at the boutique.

So, there you have it. The Fashion House was literally like stepping in to an epic walk-in closet and having your besties make you over and help you pick out jewelry for a night out. I loved it!

Added bonus: Anne and Chelitza were totally fun and did not judge me at all for wanting wine at noon.


Salon: The Fashion House, 301 W. Atlantic Blvd., Delray Beach, FL; 561-451-7009
Service: Makeup application and hair styling
Verdict: Loved it! It was a unique experience and I loved my finished look.
Rating: martini martini martini martini martini

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My Haircut with Nick Arrojo

Remember how much I adore celebrity stylist Nick Arrojo and his killer line of hair products? Well, in a recent visit to Florida he invited me to Visions, an amazing ARROJO flagship salon in Wellington, for a once in a lifetime opportunity to have my hair cut and styled by him! I’m still pinching myself a little bit.

The experience started with cleansing my strands using ARROJO Color Save Shampoo and Conditioner – the perfect choice for color treated locks like mine. The Color Save products lock in vibrancy and shine while protecting color and preventing fading.


(Random fun fact: In a twist of small world fate, my friend Ashley, also a talented stylist, works at Visions and shampooed me. She was one of my first makeup models when I started doing makeup many moons ago.)


Nick sliced thin partings of hair then meticulously razored it section by section. He then blew it out using an ARROJO paddle brush and hairdryer. After fully removing the moisture, he point cut it dry so every strand blends beautifully.


To prep for styling, Nick used the Protective Thickening Lotion and the Shine Luxe Oil, both excellent thermal protectants. I’m now addicted to these two products! The Thickening Lotion does exactly what it says – and it really beefed up my skinny strands. The Shine Luxe Oil fights frizz and adds luster. You can use it to prep damp hair or even smooth on a tiny bit after heat styling to polish your finished style.

One of the things I really love about Nick is that he truly makes it an experience, not just a routine visit to the salon. He is not only talented and knowledgeable, but entertaining too. So much fun to be around!

IMG_4854 (He was also a great sport while I was playing selfie paparazzi the whole time.)

He created a totally unique design while framing my face and adding a lot of dimension. My hair has so much movement now and feels so light and amazing. Best haircut ever! Here’s the finished result:


I felt like a million dollars, both during and after. With the New Year upon us, it’s the perfect time for a makeover, so if you are looking for a big change (or even a subtle one!) I’d definitely suggest booking an appointment with Nick or even one of the Nick approved stylists on his team.

If you would like to take my advice, check out the ARROJO menu of services and visit for additional information. Stay tuned for more soon about Visions Salon in Wellington and Nick’s Soho studio, as well as info on upcoming events and ARROJO products!

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Spa Spy: Day Spa & Beach Retreat at the Four Seasons Resort, Palm Beach

Four Seasons

I suppose it’s not an absolute shocker that I had an amazing time at the Four Seasons.

With the esteemed reputation of the luxury resort I figured I was in for a treat… but I didn’t exactly realize how big of a treat until I got there. My experience was SO good. (Like better than that one time I got a pedi at the Ritz good.)

The spa encompasses this totally chic yet sophisticated atmosphere with ocean inspired décor. It’s one of the largest spas I’ve ever visited, complete with several relaxation rooms, a whirlpool room, steam room, showers, locker room and dressing parlor, and what seemed like an endless amount of treatment rooms.

An assortment of cookies, teas, and citrus infused waters were displayed at every turn throughout the rooms. The relaxation areas are fully stocked with healthy treats like nuts and cranberries too. (But seriously, try the cookies.)

The Day Spa & Beach Retreat package I received includes a 50 minute spa treatment, so I selected the Organic Custom Facial. My facialist, Patrick McElhenney, was amazing. He was super attentive and very knowledgeable. The Four Seasons offers a menu of ad-ons to enhance your facial experience, so I added the Kate Sommerville Deep Enzymatic Exfoliant. Best idea ever! It’s a yummy smelling papaya and pineapple combination that worked wonders on my skin.

While my skin was soaking in all of the goodies, Patrick gave me a serious shoulder massage which was equally amazing. (Thank you, Patrick!) On my way out, he mentioned that I absolutely had to try the showers before I leave. I don’t usually stick around too long after spa treatments (places to go, people to see, yada yada), but I’m so glad I took his advice! The showers in the spa have 6 adjustable shower heads (3 on each side) as well as a main overhead faucet, and a portable shower nozzle. Amazing organic rosemary mint bath products are also provided. No lie, best shower I’ve ever had. Who knew?

As you can tell, the spa was the highlight for me, but the Day Spa and Beach Retreat package also includes other awesome perks like complimentary valet parking, lunch, and access to beautiful Palm Beach for the day. In addition to this treatment package, the resort is offering other fun specials like the Watermelon Basil Vodkatini Pedicure. (I think I know what I’m going to try next time!)

It was truly the most relaxing spa experience I’ve had to date. It’s also dangerously close to where I live… so if I ever drop off the radar, I’m probably at the Four Seasons… taking a shower.


Spa: The Spa at the Four Seasons Resort, 2800 S. Ocean Blvd., Palm Beach, FL

Service: Day Spa & Beach Retreat

Verdict: So. Amazing. Loved every minute and would recommend this spa to anyone who really needs a break from reality!

Rating:  martini martini martini martini martini

[Editor's Note: Services for this particular Spa  Spy were provided complimentary. This in no way changes or affects my opinion of the service.]


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The Chop: My davidKspace Haircut

I’ll admit it…

I think I’m going through a quarter life crisis. I started to feel stuck in my routine and all of a sudden I had the desire to go skydiving and chop off my hair.

(I started with the hair. Baby steps!)

Before Hair

It’s not a secret that my hair stylist, Alex Azelski, is also my best friend. But trust me, bestie or not, I would never let just anyone slice ten inches of hair off unless I truly believe in their skill set!

My inbox is littered with emails from salons offering free services (which I am so not complaining about, btw!). For this drastic of a change though, I chose to take my own hard earned cash to a place where I know that I’ll be satisfied – The davidKspace.

The boutique salon, located within the heart of the historic downtown Northwood district in West Palm Beach, channels the essence of New York. The décor is to die for and the energy in there is electric. See…

Salon 1

Salon 2

Salon 3

Salon 4

Salon 5

Salon 6

The chic spot is owned by internationally renowned salon owner/stylist David Kinigson. Alex trained under David K himself and his team of expert stylists including Salon Director Parker Plotkin (who you may remember from the second season of Bravo’s Shear Genius).

They practice a totally organic method of cutting designed by David. The technique, called “Plane Blending,” focuses on following the growth patterns of the hair to create sections rather than parting out perfectly straight lines. Not only does it totally make sense from a technical standpoint, but it creates a more artistic and personalized haircut.

Keeping my (thin/fine) hair texture in mind, we had a long consultation on what the length should be, how angled, where it should fall, etc.

Based on our talk, Alex designed a graduated bob that comes to a point a few inches under my chin. I LOVE it. I feel much more stylish after rocking the “long and straight” for so long. The shape is extremely flattering and my new ‘do almost styles itself!

Katie 2

Want Alex to cut you, too? She’s currently accepting clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the space. They also have a team of expert colorists on hand to craft your perfect color. Here are the deets:

Salon: davidKspace, 2401 N. Dixie Hwy., West Palm Beach; (561) 340-6400


[Editor's Note: I did not treat this like a regular “Salon Spy” with the full rating system because of my friendship with my stylist.]


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Salon Spy: Colorist Hair Studio & Spa


Nestled within the 150 Worth plaza on Palm Beach, this Aveda flagship salon has the best ambiance of any salon I’ve set foot in recently. I felt like I was stepping into an artist’s loft in New York. A decorative mural covers the entire wall where the easel style stylist stations are. I loved it at first look!

My experience started out with a hot cup of Aveda tea, an herbal blend with hints of licorice and peppermint. So relaxing. I was then greeted by the amazing Jessica Rosmery Pamplona, Colorist owner and expert stylist who did a thorough consultation (so important) before starting my color. beforeaftercolorist

She took a look at my hair and noticed I have a lot of color history (guilty!) going on. At one point, my long locks had ombre, some highlights, all kinds of stuff that was showing through my faded red color. I wanted to freshen my look without changing it too drastically. I said I’d like to keep the bright red base tones but lighten and punch up the ends a little to bring back a little more of the ombre effect. Hair

She was incredibly knowledgeable, knew exactly what I was asking for and executed it perfectly. She revived my root area with a rich red and lightened pieces by section using the balayage technique before applying orange pure pigment to my ends. It is now multidimensional with red tones that melt into this funky vibrant orange. She also created a true body and soul experience by offering a relaxing Chakra Balancing session while my color processed. She shaped up my cut by adding a few layers and finished the look with voluminous bouncing curls and height at the crown. Movie star hair!

I LOVE my fiery ‘do and I would definitely recommend her services! Colorist also offers a slew of fun spa treatments like the Rosemary Mint Awakening Body Treatment and the Caribbean Therapy Pedicure. Oh, and Colorist officially has the most comfortable shampoo bowls I’ve ever set my head in. Plus ten points for that!

Salon: Colorist Hair Studio & Spa; 150 Worth Ave. Suite 213, Palm Beach, FL

Service: Color and cut

Verdict: I had a really enjoyable experience from start to finish and I love my vibrant color!

Rating:  martini martini martini martini martini

[Editor's Note: Services for this particular Salon Spy were provided complimentary. This in no way changes or affects my opinion of the service.]


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Salon Spy: Drybar

IMG_3587A salon that specializes in beautification treatments named after cocktails? Sign me up!! I walked into the Drybar blowout boutique in West Hollywood, CA and I instantly wished I worked there. That’s how I know I really like a place.

The Drybar team must have thought I was all kinds of crazy when I rolled up in there – literally – with my luggage in hand (I stopped there first before hitting my hotel), but they were nothing more than accommodating. A super friendly receptionist took my suitcase to lock away for safe keeping during my service and exchanged it for a massive glass of bubbly champagne. A perfect trade!

The vibe was instantly bright and fun – with adorable décor to match. Shabby chic fixtures lined the walls in the shampoo room and a fun mix of funky furnishings occupied the rest of the salon (like my fav – a yellow chandelier constructed with blowdryers)!dryer

I was greeted soon after by my stylist, a super cool boho chick named Megan. We had a consultation based on the drybar signature looks – Straight Up, Manhattan, The Cosmo, The Mai Tai, Cosmo-Tai, Southern Comfort, Hot Toddy, and Up-Tini. They also have a styling option for the little ones called the Shirley Temple! So cute, right?! Anyway, I selected Southern Comfort, a fitting name for the full style (described as “big hair with lots of volume” in their menu).

She blew out my hair then set it using roller clips (which, trust me, is a lot of work especially with long hair like mine) based on my desired look (good call, Meg!). While she was setting my hair, we swapped stories about vacations, chatted about our favorite movies and she delighted me with tales of drybar’s regular celebrity clients like Rose McGowan (and other LA tales like how Owen Wilson helped her parallel park this one time). There is nothing more awkward than sitting in silence at a salon – and thankfully this was not the case here!

laI was smiling even through checkout when my bill came to $35. In the grand scheme of pampering, $35 is a steal, especially in LA. It’s a really good price if you’re getting blown out for a special event… especially considering the $80 and up (way up) it could cost you for an updo that you might opt for instead.

The blowdry bar concept is no stranger to larger markets like NY and LA, but it is just starting to flourish in other areas of the country. Blazing the trail, Drybar has scooped up locations in California, New York, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and the Washington DC area. They stick to their motto of “no cuts, no color, just blowouts.” With this type of specialized salon, you have to be spot on with your services… and Drybar certainly is.

From the bright color scheme and personable “mascot” (Buttercup, a yellow blow dryer) to the cheeky language used in marketing materials – Drybar is totally refreshing, like the bubbles I enjoyed while waiting for my stylist.

My only gripe is that they don’t have a location in Florida. Get on that, Drybar!

Salon: Drybar; West Hollywood, CA

Service: Blowout (Southern Comfort)

Price: $35

Verdict: Worth it! My hair looked fab and I had a blast getting beautified.

Rating:  martini martini martini martini martini

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