The Best Light-Up Phone Case

The Best Light Up Phone Case

Ready to up your selfie game? I just got a new illuminated case for my new iPhone 8 Plus from my friends at Lumee! It’s most definitely the best light-up phone case I’ve tried.

I’m also living for the Cascade Duo style I picked! It features really pretty pastel blue to pink ombre fade coloring. The battery life of the light is pretty impressive and it lasts about two hours. It also comes equipped with a micro-USB cable to easily recharge the battery when needed.

Want to see it in action? I tested it out in an extremely low light area to show just how powerful its selfie-lighting powers are. Take a peek below to see what selfies look like with and without the Lumee light:

Lumee Case

So good, right? It’s great for taking pics at night, too! And because I got the Cascade Duo, it also features external lights to shine in front when shooting photos with the traditional forward facing camera. Check out more info here and get ready for your best selfies yet!

The Best Light Phone Case

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Travel Tips and Essentials

Dove 1

This post is sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant. All opinions are my own.

I’m practically living out of a suitcase right now.

During this heavy travel time, there are a few essentials I just have to keep close while jet setting from place to place.

I always bring a neck pillow to create comfort, headphones of course (and an adapter or extra pair for the plane), essential oils to ease stress, and gum for when my ears pop.

Dove 2

In addition to these must-haves, one thing I absolutely can’t live without when I’m traveling is deodorant. Isn’t forgetting deodorant just the worst?! When traveling long distance or in the tight quarters of an airplane, you’re going to want to keep yourself feeling fresh. Luckily, my friends at Dove just sent me some in time for my recent travels! I’ve been using Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant because it fights odor and also cares for your skin while keeping you feeling fresh. It provides 48 hour odor and wetness protection and is available in an assortment of classic fragrances.

Dove 3

After a long flight, I have a routine. First step is to refresh my deodorant, but with Dove’s long lasting protection, I don’t really need to! Something else I always do after that is wash my face and finish with a cold washcloth to reduce inflammation and freshen up after a flight. I picked this trick up from dermatologist Dr. Barba! You can do this right after landing at the airport bathroom (which gives your baggage time to arrive) or you can do this in the comfort of your hotel room. It’s also a good idea to pop some immunity boosters!

Dove 4

Dr. Barbra also recommends awesome tips for packing! One of her other suggestions is to remember to bring weather-dependent necessities. In addition to the basics, if you’re traveling where it’s hot, humid and sunny you’re going to want to bring blotting papers, a stronger SPF and a lightweight moisturizer. If you’re heading somewhere cold, pack lip balm, a richer moisturizer and a hydrating face mask to help combat the dry air.

Are there any rituals you all do when you travel or special tricks you keep in mind to keep the stress low while you travel? Either way, wishing you all safe and happy travels in 2018!

Dove 5
Check out more on Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant online here!
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My Personal Care Essentials

[This post is sponsored by on behalf Simply Summer’s Eve®, but all opinions are my own.]


I’m getting ready to travel to Florida for the holidays, so it’s time to make sure I have my must-haves in stock to pack with me! No matter if I’m jetsetting or just jogging uptown to the gym, I make sure to keep the products that keep me feeling fresh on hand.

I absolutely have to have a quality dry shampoo. It’s an amazing way to refresh your hair if it’s dirty… and even just add some oomph if it’s clean! I’m also obsessed with lip balm – especially living in NYC in the winter time. I also always keep essential oils on hand. I love different blends for different reasons, but love to keep calming oils on hand to help me keep my cool when things get stressful.


I also love keeping the Simply Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Cloths on hand. These are super handy because they’re individually wrapped and easy to carry around in your purse or gym bag when you’re on the go. I LOVE the Mandarin Blossom scent. And the formula is gentle enough so it won’t irritate your sensitive skin! They’ve also been clinically and gynecologist tested for safety. They’re the perfect addition to your personal care routine.

Check out more info on!


The Best Cyber Monday Deals

The Best Cyber Monday Deals

Happy Cyber Monday, beauties! I love today because battling other shoppers on Black Friday is definitely not my jam.

This year, I’m doing all of my Cyber Monday shopping (and let’s face it, my regular shopping as well) on Amazon! They’re having a full week of epic Amazon Cyber Monday Deals. Click here to see all the deets.

Also, I’m thrilled to share that I’m an official Amazon influencer! So, you can also shop my Amazon beauty recommendations at any time via my very own storefront on Amazon. Take a peek and let me know what goodies you end up with. Happy shopping! xo

Getting Ready for CFW with Bed Head by TIGI

BedHead by TIGI 3

I am so excited to partner with my friends at Her Campus Media and check out College Fashion Week this weekend!

They hooked me up with everything I need to get ready for the show like an assortment of amazing Bed Head by TIGI products designed to be cocktailed together. We all know how I love a good cocktail!

If you aren’t already familiar with Bed Head, the brand is all about owning your individuality, embracing everything that makes you weird and wonderful and expressing that through your hair looks.

Read on for more info on each of my new Bed Head favs!

Bed Head by TIGI

Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

I’m especially obsessed with the Rockaholic Dry Shampoo because it gives my thin strands some oomph and funky texture while also absorbing oil. Beyond that, it makes hair smell fresh and keeps it rockin’ one more night. The near colorless formula won’t show on your clothes or pillowcase either!

Screw It Curl Hydrating Jelly Oil

This stuff provides intense moisturizing and conditioning for curls. It gives a super dose of shine and helps to reduce frizz and tame flyaways, too!

Masterpiece Shine Hairspray

Hairspray that doubles as shine spray? Sign me up! This massive shine hairspray gives serious hold, adds body and resists humidity while guarding against dryness.


Headrush is the perfect finishing touch. This lightweight mist gives your hair extreme gloss with all-over coverage. It adds depth to highlights and color and eliminates static for a smooth, healthy finish.

Get Twisted

Get Twisted is perfect for battling unruly hair! This fast-drying spray helps to protect from frizz and provide long-lasting shapes without the weight.

Ready to try them for yourself? Scoop up your own at Ulta Beauty.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on my Instagram this Saturday for a peek behind the scenes at College Fashion Week!

BedHead by TIGI 2

[This post was sponsored by Bed Head by TIGI via Her Campus Media, but all opinions are my own.]