Salon Spy: Drybar


IMG_3587A salon that specializes in beautification treatments named after cocktails? Sign me up!! I walked into the Drybar blowout boutique in West Hollywood, CA and I instantly wished I worked there. That’s how I know I really like a place.

The Drybar team must have thought I was all kinds of crazy when I rolled up in there – literally – with my luggage in hand (I stopped there first before hitting my hotel), but they were nothing more than accommodating. A super friendly receptionist took my suitcase to lock away for safe keeping during my service and exchanged it for a massive glass of bubbly champagne. A perfect trade!

The vibe was instantly bright and fun – with adorable décor to match. Shabby chic fixtures lined the walls in the shampoo room and a fun mix of funky furnishings occupied the rest of the salon (like my fav – a yellow chandelier constructed with blowdryers)!dryer

I was greeted soon after by my stylist, a super cool boho chick named Megan. We had a consultation based on the drybar signature looks – Straight Up, Manhattan, The Cosmo, The Mai Tai, Cosmo-Tai, Southern Comfort, Hot Toddy, and Up-Tini. They also have a styling option for the little ones called the Shirley Temple! So cute, right?! Anyway, I selected Southern Comfort, a fitting name for the full style (described as “big hair with lots of volume” in their menu).

She blew out my hair then set it using roller clips (which, trust me, is a lot of work especially with long hair like mine) based on my desired look (good call, Meg!). While she was setting my hair, we swapped stories about vacations, chatted about our favorite movies and she delighted me with tales of drybar’s regular celebrity clients like Rose McGowan (and other LA tales like how Owen Wilson helped her parallel park this one time). There is nothing more awkward than sitting in silence at a salon – and thankfully this was not the case here!

laI was smiling even through checkout when my bill came to $35. In the grand scheme of pampering, $35 is a steal, especially in LA. It’s a really good price if you’re getting blown out for a special event… especially considering the $80 and up (way up) it could cost you for an updo that you might opt for instead.

The blowdry bar concept is no stranger to larger markets like NY and LA, but it is just starting to flourish in other areas of the country. Blazing the trail, Drybar has scooped up locations in California, New York, Georgia, Arizona, Texas, and the Washington DC area. They stick to their motto of “no cuts, no color, just blowouts.” With this type of specialized salon, you have to be spot on with your services… and Drybar certainly is.

From the bright color scheme and personable “mascot” (Buttercup, a yellow blow dryer) to the cheeky language used in marketing materials – Drybar is totally refreshing, like the bubbles I enjoyed while waiting for my stylist.

My only gripe is that they don’t have a location in Florida. Get on that, Drybar!

Salon: Drybar; West Hollywood, CA

Service: Blowout (Southern Comfort)

Price: $35

Verdict: Worth it! My hair looked fab and I had a blast getting beautified.

Rating: martinimartinimartinimartinimartini

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