UNT Skincare Review


“UNT” is an abbreviation of “Untitled” because the brand believes that beauty cannot be represented by one verbal expression alone. I’m into it. If you missed my previous post gushing about all of their amazing beauty products last week, check it out here.

The team at UNT is devoted to developing innovative and effective products at an affordable price to the mass market. Throughout its pursuit of beauty, the brand prides themselves on creating the latest cosmeceutical formulas with the knowledge from medical experts. All UNT products share the following distinct attributes – small molecular weight, easily absorbed, light, low-oil based content, and high concentrations of active ingredients.

I recently tried out the collection of products and fell in love with a certain few! My fav skincare product from the batch was the Ex White Laserwave : Anti-Pigment Skin Renewal Serum. It features an advanced innovative formula to brighten your skin in 14 days. This fast action serum featuring the innovative combination of 15% Mandelic Acid and 3% m-Tranexamic Acid effectively treats uneven, dull complexion while refining rough skin.

Ex White Laserwave adopts a non-oily prescription to offer a sheer and light texture quality. This gentle and refreshing formula enables your skin to absorb without irritation. It contains antibacterial properties, making it an excellent care for sensitive, oily, or acne-troubled skin like mine! If you suffer from some of the same issues, I definitely recommend it.

Ready to try UNT for yourself? Shop on the website using the coupon code UNT10OFF through Oct. 31!

[Disclosure: This post was sponsored by UNT via SheSpeaks, but all opinions are my own.]

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