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I was a devoted coffee lover and Starbucks fan long before I was invited join the Starbucks Coffee Blogger Community. You might remember that I literally lived on top of a Starbucks in Florida before moving to New York. (I may not live directly above one now, but I have like 12 within walking distance. Win!) I also adore Starbucks’ at-home offerings and regularly stock my own shelves full of Starbucks. I also have a minor mermaid obsession, so I connect with all aspects of the company – down to the logo.

So naturally, I was thrilled to partner with Starbucks and join this exclusive group of bloggers! Through the program, I’ll get access to the latest Starbucks products before they hit the shelves so I can test them out and share the deets with you all!

I recently received my Welcome Kit and I’ve been having a blast tasting all of the new products and exploring the world of Starbucks Coffee. Equipped with my handy dandy Starbucks Coffee Passport, I’ve been mastering the fundamentals of how to properly brew and taste coffee.

With my new coffee knowledge and my old taste buds, I’ve put these new items to the test and I’m very pleased with the results. Read on for info on my absolute favs! I think you’ll love these delicious Starbucks goodies just as much as I do.


Starbucks Collection Dot Drinkware

I like my coffee like I like my men – tall and hot. (Sorry, had to.)  So, I really love the design of this quirky polka-dot mug because it gives me exactly what I need. It’s a large mug that keeps your coffee nice and toasty while your hands stay cool thanks to the mug’s double wall construction. The metallic gold dots on the ceramic mug have a hand-painted feel which makes drinking out of it seem even cozier. Designed by Starbucks Creative Studio, there are also a bunch of other fun designs to choose from, all under $20.

Starbucks Core Coffee Series – Caffe Verona

This rich coffee is well-balanced with a dark cocoa texture and a roasty sweetness. It tastes delicious when prepared with a simple pour-over brewer. Caffe Verona was originally blended for a Seattle restaurant to pair with its chocolate cake. (Makes perfect sense why this one ended up being my favorite.) It also pairs well with chocolate chip cookies. And chocolate croissants. And chocolate.

Starbucks Coffee Passport

I originally thought this might just be a novelty item, but I’ve fallen in love with my Starbucks Coffee Passport. Each page is packed full of useful information about each variety of Starbucks Coffee. In addition to an abundance of coffee facts, there is room for recording your own tasting notes. I’m so excited to continue using this tool throughout my Starbucks adventure!

Stay tuned to find out what else Starbucks has in store for next month! In my next post I’ll also put my new knowledge to good use and school you on how to best prepare (and consume) your coffee. Until then, happy brewing! 😉

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