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What an exciting month this has been! If you follow me on my social media sites I’m sure you’ve seen me bouncing around from event to event over the past few weeks. One of the most exciting shindigs I had the pleasure of attending was the Image Skincare Worldwide Launch Party earlier this month.

The concept of this party was brilliant to me because it was literally held worldwide. Image Skincare representatives in regions all over the globe held individual parties at the same time – all with the same theme, décor, products, and presentation. Participating cities included New York, Dubai, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Berlin, London, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Miami, Milan, Sydney, and many others. In total, more than 85 parties were held with more than 15,000 attendees.

I attended the Palm Beach party and was so thrilled to be among the skincare professionals who had the opportunity to experience revolutionary new Image products before their release. The party was a truly interactive event with product testing stations set up at every turn. My favorite of the products I discovered at the launch party were the products in the Illuma line.

This line contains cell extracts, lightening peptides, and phyto lightening agents for truly illuminated skin. I’ve been using mine for only about a week and I’m already addicted. It will be available in for purchase in May and you better believe I will remind you closer to the launch date.

Here are some other sights from the party (photos by Jason Nuttle):








Here I am with the inspirational (and gorgeous) CEO and Founder Janna Ronert and my friend and major Image fan Brittany (who you may remember as my model in my Allure makeover challenge!).

I had a blast learning about the products and I was also excited to be there because… drumroll please… I am part of their new campaign!

  truth in numbers MOBILE web banner

Before I proceed, let me assure you that this is not just some product line that was sent to me for review a minute ago. I have used Image Skincare for a decade now, long before I even knew what a blog was. I have been a longtime fan and it just serendipitously happened that they wanted to partner with me in this capacity. Serendipity is my favorite!

I am passionate about these products because I know they work. As cheesy as this sounds, I’m proud of the skin I’m in because of Image and I couldn’t be more thrilled to promote the Truth in Numbers Campaign! This went live on the site during the launch party:

Seriously, Vital C is where it’s at. (But if you don’t want to take my word for it, you can also ask Miss USA and basically any of the Victoria’s Secret models.)

Here is another shot from the new campaign!

Katie Small Version edit 2

So exciting. Check out for more information and stay tuned for more from me about Image news and products soon!

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