Marietta Carter-Narcisse Creates Planner for the Beauty Enthusiast


You may remember me mentioning Marietta Carter-Narcisse a few times before because I have seen her speak at multiple events including The Makeup Show.

She is super inspirational and has been a working makeup artist for over two decades. Even if you aren’t familiar with her name, you’ve seen her work on all kinds of amazing faces including Samuel L. Jackson’s.

After many years in the industry, she was inspired to create a comprehensive MUA Planner with makeup artists in mind. She used to keep a logbook to manage both the creative and financial aspects of her job. So, all detailed records of all her work — supplies purchased, mileage driven, time worked, sketches, to-do lists, etc. – went into the book.

Her 2014 Makeup Artist Planner is a fusion of her original logbook with a master list of annual makeup events, and more. All of the major trade shows, awards shows, workshops, film festivals, fashion weeks, seminars and other events are included.

It’s an amazing resource for makeup artists and I think it’s also great for fans of the beauty and entertainment industries as well.

Check out her website if you want to scoop one up! I love it. 🙂

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