Obsession of the Day: Cream Whip


I am loving the latest from my favorite hair brand, ARROJO! (You may remember me mentioning the man behind the brand and my favorite haircut once or twice.)

Using anti-oxidizing Vitamin E, the new Cream Whip is a product perfect for prepping locks for styling. It’s a conditioning treatment and styling product that looks like a mousse and acts like a magical moisturizing serum. Just apply to damp hair, comb through and style as usual!

With conditioning benefits, it adds moisture and silkiness, and frees tangles so hair is easier to brush and comb. It also enhances waves and soft movement without adding hold or stickiness.

It’s like one of those products you didn’t realize that you needed, but can’t live without once you’ve tried it. I have been using it regularly before blowing my hair out and I’ve never recieved so many compliments on my hair! This one’s a definite keeper. And it smells like heaven, too. Love!

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