The Nutrisystem Diet: Week 2


I made it through my first week of Nutrisystem! And, I have some exciting news to share. The Nutrisystem “Fast 5” kit totally does work because…


I lost over 5 pounds! The Fast 5 Kit contains 7 specially selected breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as well as shakes to fight off hunger and a complete meal tracker to keep you on track.

I was pretty strict with sticking to the items in the kit except for my cheat meal last Thursday which consisted of mass amounts of sushi and Sauvignon Blanc. Oops. By the way, I don’t think cheat meals are exactly encouraged with Nutrisystem. So, just being honest here!

Now I’m into my second week and I have branched out into some of the frozen Nutrisystem meals and desserts in my plan… and I’m in love! A lot of you have been asking me, “Does it actually taste good?” and the answer is yes! Basically, it’s yummy food, just small portions of it. But the good part is, you’re allowed to eat certain snacks (like green veggies) and dessert (what?!) to fight off hunger. By the way, the desserts are not like scary, chalky “diet desserts.” The Nutrisystem chocolate chip cookies are so good that I would eat them outside of this diet. And they contain 9 grams of protein, so I feel like I’m not being completely terrible when I chow down on them. Hooray!

I’m planning to do my weigh-ins every Monday, but this coming Monday I might not be able to… because I’ll be in New York shooting my New Voices of Beauty video with Lucky Magazine! I packed breakfasts and lunches, but I have a feeling I’m going to veer away from my dinner diet a little more than usual when I’m in New York. Don’t hate me! I promise I’ll be back on track and do extra crunches when I return. 😉

[Disclosure: I am an official #NSNation Blogger and have received Nutrisystem for free in exchange for my honest opinion of the program. I will be blogging weekly for the next three months about my weight loss journey.]

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