Obsession of the Day: Jose Eber QuickShine Infrared Blow Dryer

Img3922_grande Today’s obsession comes from the amaaaazing styling tool collection of Hollywood stylist Jose Eber.

This blow dryer knows what’s up. It’s lightweight, super easy to handle, and blows your hair dry in a snap. I swear it takes me like 5 minutes to go from dripping to dry with this thing. I love it!

The infrared technology is awesome and actually better for your hair than traditional heat. The days of burns, hot spots and heat damage are over with this portable, professional-grade dryer because it emits a cooler heat.

The infrared light infuses gentle, healthier heat into the core of the cuticle – not the surface of the hair shaft like traditional blow dryers – providing high shine and smoothness. My locks are lustrous and happy after a spin with this guy.

When I first fired it up it reminded me of the scary furnace in Home Alone, but once you get used to the red glow coming out of the nozzle it’s totally cool.

My hair thanks you, Jose Eber! :)

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  1. Arielle (@BeautyByArielle) November 17, 2013 / 8:46 am

    I loved this dryer too!! I cannot believe how quickly it dries my hair! The way it lights up is def like the furnace…LOL

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