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The lovely folks at invited me to purchase whatever I want from to create two different looks. I scooped up some versatile products that I was able to utilize in both looks for under $50! The first is a softer daytime makeup and the second look is punched up to a more glamorous look. Here are the two items I purchase to get the job done: lorac red carpet Lorac Real Life to Red Carpet Face Kit

This thing is a steal for $39! The products in the kit are all awesome. I find that a lot of “value packs” have one amazing product and the rest are bogus. Not this one! The colors all mingle beautifully… and each item is high quality. The kit actually comes with step by step directions from awesome makeup artist (and Lorac creator) Carol Shaw. (Sidenote: I met her at BeautyCon and found out Lorac is Carol spelled backwards. How cool is that?!) For these looks I couldn’t help but add my own little spin (and some fierce Japonesque lashes too!).


Japonesque Complete Lash Kit

I add lashes to every special occasion look whether it be a prom or a photoshoot. It really helps open the eye and add an extra element of glamour to the overall look. I would wear strip lashes like these every day if I could. I love this kit because it includes everything you need for proper lash application! Read on to see how to get the looks…

Look 1: Soft Romantic Makeup


  • Sweep the lightest shade from the eye trio from lashline to brow bone
  • Blend medium shadow on lid and into crease
  • Smudge darkest shadow along top and bottom lashes to define
  • Apply a coat of the 3D Multiplex Mascara
  • Sweep a light coat of Soul Blush onto apples of cheeks
  • Finish with a swipe of Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick

Look 2: Dramatic Evening Look


  • Sweep the lightest shade from the eye trio from lashline to brow bone
  • Blend medium shadow on lid and into crease
  • Blend the darkest shadow all over lid, crease, bottom lashes
  • Use Pro Liquid Eyeliner along top lashline for added drama
  • Apply two coats of 3D Multiplex Mascara
  • Apply Japonesque lashes to top lashes
  • Add a pop of Soul Blush on apples of cheeks and blend upwards to sculpt the face
  • Layer two coats of Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick

See what a different a little extra lash and smoky shimmer makes? Of course, we all know which team I’m on. The more glamorous, the better! I love me some lash… but I understand that not everyone is down with high maintenance makeup like I am. With this Lorac set you can get the best of both worlds! And the Japonesque kit provides foolproof tools for applying falsies.

How would you like a $50 gift card to get some goodies like I purchased? is giving one away to one of my lucky readers! To enter, all you have to do is follow them on Google + or leave a comment on their blog. They also have a ton of coupon codes you can hit up for serious savings. Happy shopping!

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