Cinderella by Sephora Collection Officially in Stores Nationwide

As promised, I have the details of the next collection in the string of this season’s fun limited edition launches! The much anticipated Cinderella by Sephora collection launched officially in stores on Thursday. This is just the first in the princess inspired series Disney Reigning Beauties, a collaboration by Sephora and Disney Consumer Products. The premiere collection in the series features color cosmetics, fragrances and accessories shades derived from the film’s magically rich color palette. The launch also coincides with the Diamond Edition release of the classic animated film from the Disney vault earlier this week.

Here’s the full scoop on the exclusive products:

  • Storylook Eyeshadow Palette Volume 1 Cinderella Edition ($55)

A luxurious eyeshadow palette complete with twenty different shadows, each inspired by original shades from the fabled movie. Create a variety of enchanting looks with these silky smooth highly pigmented shades that are easy to apply, blend and layer.

Shades include:


The drape on Cinderella’s first gown

(glittery magenta)

All A Glow

The fairy godmother’s skin

(shimmering tan)


Cinderella’s ball gown in the moonlight

(light blue pearl)


The sleeves on Cinderella’s work dress

(sea foam green matte)


Pumpkin Coach

The trim on Cinderella’s coach

(cream gold)

Ball Gown

Cinderella’s earrings at the ball

(pearl white pearl)

Kill Joy

Anastasia’s comb

(shimmering taupe)

Fairy Godmother

The fairy godmother’s cloak at midnight


Glass Slipper

Cinderella’s glass slipper at midnight

(light blue shimmer)


Drizella’s feather

(matte bright blue)

Gus Gus

Gus Gus’s shirt

(gold shimmer)


The King’s epaulette’s

(nude pearl)


Cinderella’s work skirt

(brown shimmer)


The curtains behind Prince Charming and Cinderella during their first dance

(rose gold shimmer)


Drizella’s hair

 (medium brown golden shimmer)


Cinders swept by Cinderella

 (black with gold glitter)


Jaq’s skin

 (mauve matte gold shimmer)


Cinderella’s choker

 (midnight blue with light blue glitter)

A Wish

The moonlight when Cinderella and Prince Charming are on the bridge

(cream pearl)


Anastasia’s bodice

(plum with multi glitter)

  • Midnight Hour Eyeshadow Palette ($30)

Complete with four smokey eyeshadows, these color coordinated shades allow you to create a stunning eye that lasts beyond the midnight hour. Shades include: Gray (grey pearl inspired by Cinderella’s hair ribbon at the ball), White (pearl shimmer inspired by Cinderella’s white gloves at the ball), Champagne (champagne nude inspired by Cinderella’s skin in the moonlight), and Sparkles (charcoal shimmer glitter inspired by the nighttime sky  at the ball).

  • Moonlit Kiss Lipstick Set ($25)

This elegant silver case holds four luxuriously creamy lipsticks that leave lips with a satiny finish. Shades include: Lady Tremaine (berry inspired by Lady Tremaine’s dress), Pumpkin (light pastel peach inspired by Cinderella’s dress when the fairy godmother is changing the pumpkin to her coach), Who Is She (warm rosy mauve inspired by Cinderella’s lips when in her work dress), My Moment (pink champagne inspired by Fairy Godmother’s fairy dust).

  • So This is Love Eau de Parfum ($58)

This spellbinding fragrance incorporates a complex floral and musky palette creating a delicate and youthful aroma fit for the belle of the ball. Featuring a magical bouquet, this fragrance opens up with plumeria and dewy hyacinth then gives way to elegant tuberose and jasmine, finishing up with a blend of supple musk accord and hints of plum.

  • Sephora by OPI A Brush with Fate Nail Lacquer ($24.50)

Give your tips a magical touch with this Sephora by OPI nail color set complete with six new shades.  Shades include: So Totally Enchanted (pearl white), Step Off, Sister! (silver blue glitter), I Blue My Curfew (deep blue shimmer), Bibbidi-Bobbidi Pink (rose gold shimmer), Self-Maid Millionaire (gold metallic), Rags to Rhinestones (gold glitter).

  • Stroke of Midnight Compact Mirror ($20)

An elegant compact mirror, adorned with a gold overlay.

As an added bonus, Sephora announced that come Spring 2013, the enchantment will continue as a new Disney Reigning Beauty will be revealed. Stay tuned to Martinis and Mascara as details emerge on the big reveal!

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